Any writers over 25?

Sorry! I fell asleep! But I’m back lol! Lots happening for me today. Church, a luncheon, a babyshower, and laundry… it’s sad I have to schedule that haha! Whatcha up too?

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Not sure what to do tonight. Tried to write, but blank pages. D:

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That’s the worst. Do ever have moments when you feel inspired to write, but as soon as you do all your ideas disappear?

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Hmmm not that I remember, but I think it’s happened. I’m probably just too worried about making everything “perfect” and need to let go of my self-made demands

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Yep, that’s another wall for me too. I want everything to be perfect from the beginning lol.

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I always scribble down in my notebook when it strikes me. It’s mostly not perfect but when I finally get in front of a pc or in general the time to sit down and figure it out with whole sentences I have the notes which bring me back to my thoughts - plug in the earphones and let the music directly flow from your head into your fingers… perfect :wink:

Newly 27 and new to the thread. How do

Hi! I’m 26 and new to the thread too (and new to Wattpad, lol). I thought I was pretty old for the site but I’m glad to see I’m not alone. What’s up, guys?

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I’m over 25 but not in the 35+ club yet—so I guess I technically fit in here, just about? I’m also new to Wattpad and looking to connect with fellow writers and wonderful creative types. :slight_smile:


@stevetendo Welcome to both of you.

What kinds of stories do you like? Do you have a preferred genre that you like to write in?

Hi, @Poundcake93!

I’ve been a sci-fi fan ever since I read my dad’s beaten up copy of Dune. Didn’t take me long to get into fantasy after that.

In recent years I’ve been reading a lot more horror, as well as books outside my favourite genres—just to broaden my reading.

I’ve written a few pieces of superhero fiction—a novel and a short story—and am currently querying a supernatural noir, so I suppose sci-fi and supernatural/horror are genres I prefer to write as of right now.

What about you?

That sounds awesome :slight_smile:

I’m a sci-fi fantasy fan too :slight_smile:

I love Star Wars, the Expanse, the Dresden Files and recently I’ve been digging into some of Neil Gaiman’s stuff. I just finished Stardust and now I’m reading Neverwhere. I like his stuff so far.

“Old man scifi” is younger than me. :< “old…man…”

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I wouldn’t take it personally! It refers to the style of Sci-Fi I like to read! aka stuff from the 70-80’s :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi everyone - I’m thirty three and feel like I’m in a bit of weird bracket when it comes to Wattpad (too much of a whippersnapper for the Over 35s and waaaaay too old for the young crowd (probably because I use terms like “whippersnapper”). Nice to find a spot for the middling lot :slight_smile:


32 here, I feel you on this.


Oh so heinlein, asimov, orson Scott card, that dune guy, etc? It’s not my thing, but I’ve read a few asimovs.

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That and Niven, Pournelle and LeGuin :slight_smile:

I need to read LeGuin, but my to read list is… significant, and mostly current authors. Wendig, king, nk jemsin, a bunch of smaller names, plus some local authors