eyyyy a maggot, cool.

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Slipknot is :ok_hand:t2:

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You like slipknot?


I do


I had a friend who was obsessed with them :joy:

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AHHHHHHHH… Yes! :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m not obsessed with them but their one of my favourite heavy metal bands.


Yes? :joy:

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Oh, do you listen to anything else? Or just metal?

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Yes, yes :joy::joy:

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You agree? :joy:

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You don’t look like your pfp :grin:


Totally! :joy:

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I listen to a mix of metal, rock, punk, indie, pop, and rap. Not so much rap but I like some rappers.


I wished I looked like zayn

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Still waiting on you :joy: someday :grin:

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I wish I looked like Colin Farrel

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I had a feeling it was him :joy:

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I’m having such a hard time keeping up with this thread now!

@breakwave What are you getting?

@LostNeverland4 Several things to fill out a sleeve. It will be all black and white because I personally don’t want color on my body. There will be a quote, my shoulder will be a flower leading into a few other things. It’s hard to describe without explaining each detail and why I want it lol.

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