Yes, my shirt is telling you to do what you think it does



And I just have glasses for life. Yay me. :joy:


I actually have to wear glasses but I hate them so I sometimes don’t wear them on purpose. And thank you I like your style in this.


This is a recent picture of me. 2 weeks ago. Hiking trip.


haha, never mind, I just wanted glasses for some reason. The other one was just me chilling at home XD


I am convinced my eyesight isn’t that great, but whenever I get tested, they say my eyes are fine do :thinking:


That was me in elementary school… I literally went to the eye doctor and purposely messed up on the test so I could get glasses… and now I’m here.


Hey there! welcome to the face reveal club.


My friend is the same way. She was told she never needed glasses but then they finally realized she did. Wee know our own eyes.


but are you actually a model?


Thanks, @breakwave!


You look great! :grin:


I was honestly so confused between the lens and my eyes that I couldn’t tell which was better, and they asked which was brighter green or red and they both looked the same to me. One of the most confusing test I’ve ever had to do


what condition?


I used to watch a youtuber who has a condition that made some of her hair turn white. I don’t know if it’s the same though.


Wow! Beautiful! :grin:


Ahhhhhh… specs!!! :hugs:


I’m flattered :smiley:


No… well, maybe a lifetime ago… :laughing:
Thanks for the compliment though!


I had to take the light test where they flashed this little light and you had to press a clicker every time you saw it.