I feel like I’ve seen you before! Definitely look like a model!!

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I’m still here, lurking. :joy:


Haha! Aww, thanks! It wasn’t me though–I grew up in Asia and any of that work would only be seen from there.

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I forgot to mention this earlier but Robbie is amazing.

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He really is! Gosh, I could talk about him all day but I shall leave that there.

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If Wattpad needs to do an ad campaign with models, we’ve got all kinds of candidates right here.


Him and Colin O’Donoghue were always my favourite in Once Upon a Time.

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Everyone’s so pretty!!


Especially you :slightly_smiling_face:

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They were definitely the best characters there.

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100% agree.

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Oh jeez thanks!!


I literally laughed reading this and i have clue why but it’s the funniest thing ever

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I like to think I’m funny. Sometimes. Boosts my self-esteem.

But I’ll probably watch this thread until the day it closes due to 10k comments. It’s really interesting.


Your photo is beautiful, I am being honest :slightly_smiling_face:


It really is! I’m almost scared to go to bed in case i miss something

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Same! And I have a 6 hour shift tomorrow as I wake up so once I’m asleep, I won’t be back for like, 17 more hours and that makes me scared haha.

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I have class all day and a huge organismal biology test I should probably be studying for but nope I’m here reading a thread at 12:30 at night


Yikes! Hope you get to bed soon so that you can do well on that exam!

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Ah, the struggle of adulting.