not as much music and shows, unfortunately.


but still having fun, no?


I had fun once, once



When I force myself to shave to look more presentable


I don’t have to shave my face but I shave my legs. But yall don’t want to see my legs. They’re all green and bruised anyway. :joy:


kinda makes me wanna sing


Why shave your legs #hairylegs

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image image image


hey once is plenty :joy:


I only shave during warm months. I don’t shave during winter or fall at all. You can imagine how hard it is to shave after not having shaved for like 5 months straight. :joy: I ain’t got anybody to impress so I don’t shave if I don’t have to. Bit I also like smooth legs too but boy shaving your legs for the first time after 5 months feels SUPER weird when you wear pants because then that smooth skin is against fabric and it just feels so strange to me. Shaving is interesting.


You’re good looking. Just in case you were wondering.

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Ahhhh… another model in the midst :grin:


Thank you :blush: you’re not so bad looking yourself.


Ad campaign when?

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They’re a few years old. I don’t really have a lot of photos of myself.

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that’s a mood

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I shaved my legs once too.

I think I’m okay with not doing that anymore.


LOL. Ford Modeling has nothing on you all :joy:

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That’s very sweet. Older photos, unfortunately. Not crazy old, but at least a few. I seriously take no photos and tend to avoid being in them.

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To be honest, I hate photos as well.