I know some people shave their arms and I always ask why. I tried shaving my arms and it feels weird and so unnecessary to me. But I also have very thin, blonde hair on my arms so it’s already hard to see.

Gosh I talk too much.

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Try shaving your head

it is incredibly freeing


@EncryptedWriting Omg that blue dress looks amazing on you! I mean, they both do, but you look so good!

@breakwave What kind of music did you guys play? Also, your expression and the Mickey Mouse shirt just don’t go together lol.

@oliviarose85 I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen you around so often that I’ve wondered before what you look like. And of course, beautiful. You remind me of one of my friends.


Some people are also hairier than others naturally, so some can get by without shaving if that makes sense

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We play blackgaze, a style of metal that mixes black metal and shoegaze.

Also, thats probably because I was screaming in that pic lol


Why thank you!

I did use a photo of myself on here briefly, but I prefer to use doggo.


I’m going to shave my arms for the first time ever. You can’t see the hair but I’m planning to get a sleeve done and I don’t know, it makes me nervous to have hair there. Like somehow it’s going to mess them up when they’re tattooing me :joy:


Acid trip doggo






Yeah same, I am actually going to be getting a couple of tattoos on each arm so I’ll need to clear up some room.

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If I liked that but I like long hair haha.


Yeah that’s true.


Sounds fun! What kind of tattoo?


I’ve got a couple tattoos with another one planned for when my sister dog passes (which I hope is a long ways away. She’s quite famous for her three strand pearl necklace, so that’s what I’ll get around my ankle with her initials.


That would be a really sweet tattoo.


Since I’ve seen what you all look like :joy:


You have some kickass hair.


:joy: Apparently


I’m bored so I might as well post in this.