Anybody got any intel on Scarsdale Publishing?

Hi, I got a like on DVpit from them. Checked out WritersBeware first, and they are not on it. AboutWrite is a bit ambiguous, but not downright bad. They are very new, which is the biggest problem. Just checking if anybody has heard about them, read books from them etc.
They’re a Romance publisher, which is fine for my latest novel.

I do not know them, but new is risky, risky, risky. Have they published books yet, so you can check the quality? Do you know if the people behind it have any experience?


They have, but not a lot. Currently expanding. Yup, agree about the risk, but when I signed up with the other publisher they also were fairly new and now are on the top ten indie list. I’ll submit and see what happens. Caution is called for. Just like yesterday, when a programme tried to convince me I was the billionth Google user and had won something. Just needed to enter all my personal data very quickly.
Yeah, right.


Make sure you look carefully at the books they’ve published, and talk to the authors about their experiences. Make sure those authors aren’t part of the company (because you’re not going to get unbiased answers).

Again, make sure the people running the company actually have experience beyond, “Hey, I self published and now I know everything!” It seems that describes 90% of new publishers (which is why so many go bankrupt in the first five years).

New or not, can they do ANYTHING for you that you can’t do for yourself? Honestly, I don’t see the point in taking the risk if they can’t.


I already spoke to one author who was very positive, but not in a blue-eyed way. In the end, it all boils down to contracts.
First, we have to get there. I just didn’t want to submit to something I didn’t trust. I got a few “bites” on my pitches and so far - apart from the one exception who are now publishing my novel - either I did not follow up or two didn’t like my full.
Tell me again:why we even bother with writing…:crazy_face:
I’m considering self-pubbing as well, but first I want to make sure I won’t find a decent home for it.

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