Anybody Up Still? | | Come Make Fraaaannnndddsss


Me too! I’m sure I will once I find that story I wanna write. :3 Or that story that drives me to write it.


Okay so 7 hours late, but still at the party. It’s good that you recognize the mistakes you made. But, I’m also sure that it’s hard knowing that you contributed to the loss you are feeling. I would say that my biggest advice would be that you shouldn’t rush it. Take your time coping with the loss. The more you try to rush it, the more you are going to do the opposite.


Hello I’m up already for seven hours :smiley:


Important announcementtttttttttt

It is currently snowing buckets outside and I am snowed in, so who is ready to get cozy and make some frrrrraaaannnnndddssssss


Gasp Lucky duck!
I’m ready to get cozy! Warm up the fire! XD


Fire is ready, I’m grabbing the hot cocoa, let’s get this day goinnnnnn


OMG I love that picture and I love snow I hope we get some here where I live :open_mouth:


I am having a great time with this snow! Especially because my last exams might get cancelled because of it. :see_no_evil::yum:


Yay! Sounds good. :tea::couch_and_lamp: I’m ready! :smiley:


We have to figure out what we are doing. Is this a movie snow day, board games, cookie decorating?? So MANY OPTIONS


Gasp They all sound like great ideas!


So let’s do them all!


Yes! That sounds like a plan! We need cookies, board games and films! XD


lol yes then I want snow too hahaa how was your day?


It’s going really well! I am flying through my reviews and graphics I was supposed to get done, it’s been snowing and I got a free cupcake!


I loveeeee cupcakes ! do you make graphics? I have this icon what I have made by myself I like making graphics too!


I do! This was the book cover I just finished!

And that’s awesome! I love making graphics of all kinds it’s so fun :smiley:


cool! which program you use ?


Welp I can’t afford photoshop just yet, so I use this app called polar (I think?) and I just layer a lot lol


Polar? on your laptop or iPad? I use Bazaart on my iPad and it is really good it is for free I want photoshop but it is so expensive!