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I am writing an action romance book. The title is Guns and Roses. Can you help me with the subtitle or tagline?

  • A journey of power and love.
  • When power and love sparks together.

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If you have any other ideas for the subtitle which will suit more better with the title then please let me know. Suggestions are always welcome. :sweat_smile:

I’m suggesting
GUNS AND ROSES : The struggle of power and love


Thanks for your suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any other suggestions? :roll_eyes:

If any of you have any other better subtitles in your head, you can suggest me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry if this is too long for a title and sorry if i’m overusing caps lock but i like the title
‘Guns and Roses - When Power and Love Sparks Together’

It sounds really cool, but ‘Guns and Roses - A Journey of Power and Love’ doesn’t sound very bad either, but i prefer Power and Love.


:blush: thanks for your suggestion.

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You’re welcome

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When I see/hear/read “Guns and Roses” I immediately think -

“Appetite for Destruction”

Because that was “Guns N’ Roses” first album in 1987 :joy:

I personally would tweak your title because not only is it an immensely well known band, but also there were two tv series with the name - one from India and one from the Philippines.

Maybe something similar like…

Bullets and Roses: A tale that will pierce you…

Bullets and Roses: A love that brings blood…

Gunpowder and Rose Petals: Power and love fill the air…

Cold Steel and Red Roses: When power and love are at hand…


I second this. Naming a story after a band makes me think that it’s going to be a fanfiction about that band. I like the other suggestions, especially Bullets and Roses (because it sounds like Guns and Roses without the band connections)


Your title already has two nouns joined by ‘and’, so imo it is not a great idea to repeat the same structure in the tagline. I think it will be better if the title already gives the vibe of the struggle for power and love getting in the way.

In this respect ‘or’ or ‘over’ or ‘vs’ I think will work better than ‘and’ creating the tension, like

Guns or Roses

Love Over Power

Can’t Have It All

Burn the Roses

The Burning Rose


Thanks everyone :heart::heart:

I think I love “Bullets and Roses”

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Maybe … Rows and Roses … er Roaring Roses

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I think the subtitle is a little long and clunky both ways. I really don’t think it needs one - I personally think the power and love statement is better suited for the blurb.

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I’m viewing it as OP is looking for more of a tagline than subtitle.

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I think I wanted to write a tagline, but I typed subtitle. :joy:

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