I hope this is the right spot to post this, I’m sorry if it’s not.

I was wondering if anyone has heard of Anybooks? It’s an app available only on android devices so I am unable to download as I have an iPhone. They messaged me -through my email, not wattpad- informing me of a contest they are holding. Like 1st place is like $1500 winning prize and then goes lower to $100 for like 4th-10th place.

They say that you can be exclusive or not and if you win you could have your book published and gain some royalties. Exclusive books will have advance payment plus some royalties and more info would be given if I reply to them.

It says If you want to enter the contest you send your manuscript and book cover. I guess you win by how many reads you get and by editors reviews.

I haven’t heard much of this app. It says they have a bunch of books and all are formatted in ebook style and they even have some wattpad books on there. I’m unsure if the authors of the books know they are there or not. I searched a few which admitted but some didn’t say anything. Which I contacted to let them know just incase.

Have any of you heard of them? Know what they are like? Or anything?

I don’t want to move my books anyways but I figured I should check out what other people know about them. If they are safe or not.

I just got a message, here on Wattpad, from someone about this same thing.

I’d never heard of AnyBooks before this, and like you, I have an iPhone so I can’t check it out. I was wondering if anyone else had gotten a message like this, so I’m glad you said something and I’m not the only one!

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I have android, I will be a savior and check out the app. Sounds a little weird that they would contact you to invite you to a contest but hey maybe thats just me. More info soon

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@cocoalatte7 & @ValerieMKiss

I would steer clear of them. The app only has a 1.6 star rating. People’s complaints are long and wide. Here are some screen shots i took of the app from my play store.


Thank you for taking the time to look for us! I didn’t plan on entering the contest because I thought it was a bit weird to be contacted on a writing platform (Wattpad) from another writing platform (AnyBooks). Lol. Especially when the person who contacted me had a blank profile. And the fact that I like Wattpad, so I don’t plan on posting my story there.

I was only able to look them up online and, of course, it made it seem like a great app with the reviews, lol, but it’s nice to see this!


No problem! It seemed a bit weird to me too. Glad i could help. Wattpad for the win today. Lol


Please report them. This type of Spam is prohibited under WP’s T&Cs and they will close their account.


Yeah I thought it was weird also and when I looked them up on the internet there wasn’t really much. I even tried looking up reviews but nothing.

Thank you sooooo much!
Wow… yeah the reviews say it all. Damn. I thought something was weird and when I seen some wattpad books I’m like oh some people know of it but I never heard of it at all.

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Yeah I thought it was weird they only had it for android devices.
I tried looking on here for them too yet no one said anything about it.
Found out they have only been active for like a year so they are really new and just trying to get any and every book on it. I messaged a few people that said their books were for wattpad only yet I seen it on there so hopefully they didn’t get taken.

You’re welcome. :blush:

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Right? You would think it would be available for all devices, and I’m not sure a writer would want their story somewhere where they can’t even access it lol.

I hope their books didn’t get taken! That would be crazy, for sure!

I reported it. Not sure if I did it all correctly, lol, but we’ll see!

Actually, I got an email saying they’re experiencing high traffic and that it’s likely been taken care of and closed my ticket. This email came not long after sending in the report. So I’m not sure if it was looked into or not.

I think @lhansenauthor might be able to check for you. I’m not an ambassador.

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Okay, awesome. I don’t want to bother her with a message, so hopefully she will see this and let me know what to do!

Thank you for tagging her and letting me know!

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Hi there, if you reported and they closed the ticket they teams will have noted your input. This is not something where they actively need to check with you to solve an actual problem, it’s more a case of gathering evidence.
Thank you VERY much for reporting. Poaching simply isn’t on. Let me know if there’s anything else you need to know.

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Okay, thank you!

I wasn’t expecting to have many questions asked about it from Wattpad, I just wasn’t sure what was going on, exactly, since the profile in question doesn’t have any information on it about what kind of messages they’re sending out to writers. If that makes sense? So, I didn’t know if they would be able to do anything about it without seeing the message this person is sending.

Again, thank you for taking the time to reply!

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