Anyone else always struck with writing inspiration at the WORST times??

IDK what’s wrong with me, but I always get writer’s block when I make time to write, and I always get over the block when I’m busy with other things! It’s currently 3:30 a.m. where I’m at, and for some reason I had a stroke of inspiration.

Anyone else suffering with me??

Currently awake because I am struggling to get words down and I want to get these damn words done before the day is over.

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I completely feel you! I sat down to write a few hours ago and NOTHING! And now the words won’t stop flowing onto the page. It’s evil!

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Oh, all the time. I had it happen in an exam once

Yes ! It happens all the time !!
I’ll get a sudden flow of ideas but I wouldn’t have the time to write it. And when I do have time to write I wouldn’t know how exactly I should begin the next chapter of my story !

I want to write a new story now but I"m not sure how i should begin it… :slightly_frowning_face:

Sure it happens to me with the little stuff – a great phrase, better dialog for a scene, stuff like that. The thing that affects me most though is when I’m really going strong with a novel, usually it happens near the end of the book. I’m constantly distracted, thinking about the novel, instead of people I’m with and what I’m doing. Oddly enough my wife says she likes it when I’m writing. My insecurities make me wonder if maybe she likes the only partially there me better than the entirely there one.

When I’m driving with my wife, even the kids, I’ll dictate some notes ro them. Hopefully it’s enough details for me to use later

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Yes! I always get it right as I’m lying down to sleep, because playing the next part of my book in my head like a movie helps me fall asleep, but sometimes my thoughts are REALLY good, so I have to grab my phone and take notes, or if it’s amazing, get my ass out of bed and grab my laptop. It definitely interferes with my sleep lol

YES! This is literally how I usually fall asleep, and it always ends with me pulling out my laptop at 3am and writing another section :sweat_smile:

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I had to wake up at 5 today and of course last night around midnight I suddenly feel the urge to work on my short story. It took me a couple hours to fall asleep after. Needless to say, I’m exhausted :sleeping:

When I’m in the shower, falling asleep, doing schoolwork, in school, all bad times.

All the time! Can’t write when I want to, can’t stop the inspiration when I need to. :tired_face:

This is why I keep pens in all my jacket pockets and have story notes written on scrap paper, old exams, receipts, sticky notes, and at least one napkin.

I always make a note on my phone. Half of the time they don’t make much sense to me after, but sometimes they’re useful :woman_shrugging:t4:

sometimes it happens when you finally get in front of a computer!

I record my thoughts, dialogue, everything on my phone and then transfer it to my computer.

This is me. I always get the inspiration in the wrong place, at the wrong moment. Last time it was in a bathroom in my friend’s house while showering. I left the bathroom barefoot and still recovered with soap to get a pen and a paper to note down the idea, but as soon as I found the pen, the idea was gone and I went through a brief blackout in the living room of my friend. His husband walked in on me and said “Hey, Penn. Another false alert?” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yes, all the time.
And when I have nothing but time, I can’t write to save my life.
The downsides of being a writer, I guess.

Always when I’m almost but not quite asleep. Or in the shower. It’s the worst. By the time I wake up/am done, I lost the idea.