Anyone else feel like they are starting writing too late?


I’m blown away by the number of talented writers on WP who are literally still kids/teenagers/in high school, but it makes the petty part of me think I started writing too late and won’t be able to develop and audience. Anyone feel similarly?


You can start anytime. Some writers are middle aged or older before they’ve ever written their first book.


Not at all. Anyone can be a writer, and it is NEVER too late. If there is a will, there truly is a way. Sounds cheesy and cliche, but it is accurate. That’s what I really do believe. :blush:


Well, I feel like I have less time to network due to my adult responsibilities. And sometimes feel at a disadvantage on the forums. There is definitely a young crowd here! But I feel confident in my writing.

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Nope don’t think it’s too late. If your story is good and you put in the work of reading and commenting on other stories your story will be founds. I’ve been on here for 4 weeks, and I’m getting 100 views a week Im a complete newb

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Thank you for sharing! It def gives me hope!


I do read abut 10-15 stories an comment. if you do that everyday. That should work. I joined a book club and that helps too.

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I gwt it. I’m only 25 but the site skews so young that even I feel old here.

Its never too late to start

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While we have some lost time to make up for, it is never too late to go after a dream. I wrote my first novel when I was about 26, but then I stopped writing for a decade and let it gather dust.

I joined Wattpad in 2016 when I was 38, and my debut novel was officially published last year. I’m 41 now and firmly believe that as long as one is breathing, it is never too late.

Just go for it! :grinning:


Not that anyone researches the age of the author before they pick up a book. If it’s good, it’s good regardless of the author’s face, race, age or gender.


The time you feel ready and pick up a pen is the right time. Comparing yourself to other people only makes you feel bad about yourself.


I’m driving down the same lane. Self doubts never leave us, do they? Some of the works I read for critique are downright impressive and intimidating. Some writers are so gifted that their writing just flows and you as a reader flow with it. And then you start questioning yourself, “Am I kidding myself here?”

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I am 39 and I feel like I am starting REALLY late. Growing up, everyone told me I had a talent for writing, but I never took them seriously. Even my English teachers in high school told me this, but I didn’t believe them. All my life, all I wanted to do was get a simple job, get married, have kids, and raise a family just like my dad and my grandfathers did. Well, I got married and then 5 years later, I got divorced, so that didn’t work and because I had dropped out of college 5 times, I didn’t know what to do with my life.

3 months later, I got to meet a bunch of authors at a bookstore in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After 3 years of following them and buying all of their books, they asked me when I was going to start writing my own stuff.

I wrote my 1st story in 2013 and since then I have self-published 5 novels on Amazon but I seriously do wish I had started earlier, cause then I could have made a career out of it instead of only writing when I get a break from my overly demanding 3rd shift job.

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I dont feel similair, better said the years that I have had to refine my taste, read more books, grow up and new experiences have really made my ability to think up storries better. Only disadvantage is that I now have over 12 years of thinking up tales in my head and only two hands to write things down. BTW I am 26 years old

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Have you felt that self publishing on Amazon led to people finding/reading your work?

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Only those who know me personally


I feel that sometimes. I loved writing as a child but once I was in my teens I kind of forgot about it. It’s just now I’ve taken it up again and now I’m almost 30. I guess that still counts as young though in some ways. Teenagers who pursue their passions and work hard fascinate me. I don’t really know what I did in that age. But starting new things in life is never too late, even though I understand how you feel and I’ve felt similarly too. I think JK Rowling was over 30 when the first Harry Potter book came out. People who start writing later in life have more life skills and are usually more mature and see things differently from a teen. I consider that a good thing :slight_smile:


I know I was busing playing Halo and Dragon Age :stuck_out_tongue: and when I was 18/19 I was mostly drunk.

I always had a passion for stories but the drive to write one didn’t really come until last year when I was 25. It’s never too late to start and I think those few extra years of life experience were a great fuel source to draw on for my writing

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(God, I haven’t played Halo in forever. I love those games. I was probably mostly drunk at the age of 18 too. That’s beside the point but I couldn’t help commenting when I saw Halo. :P)

I agree. I think all the years have been good for me too. I feel more ready now than I’ve done before. I’ve always had stories and characters living in my head. It’s so great to finally be able to put everything down on paper. :slight_smile:

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I tried writing once when I was around 18 and I feel like my characters are so much better now than they were then :stuck_out_tongue: I guess 7 years of people watching really helped

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