Anyone else from the small town Midwest, USA?

If so what region?

I’m from the Cincinnati area but I’m a country girl.

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I’m from a village in Ohio originally, but now I’m in the Toledo area, right on the Ohio-Michigan border

Was born and lived in a small Illinois town about three hours from Chicago for a number of years before moving to the suburbs of DC

So has any midwest slang showed up in your writing? Like pop instead of soda? I do it all the time lol

Howdy, fellow Cincy person. I grew up there before moving - in state then out of state. Even though I grew up closer to downtown, it was still a very small community feeling. Block parties, everything you needed within a 2-3 mile range, walking most places.

I had friends who were not from Ohio, so I can say for the regionalisms (especially pop!) those were quickly weeded out of my vocabulary.

is this the Ohio party

Ohio, Indiana…same thing lol. I’m in Indiana about 30 minutes from ohio

How long has it been since you had a bowl of skyline?

I’m not a true Cincinnatian - I always hated the stuff! Now, some Graeter’s… and that’s been ages!

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This doesn’t answer your question but I am from the UK, never even heard of Midwest, USA. What is it near, I am guessing it in the Mid-West :joy:

Northern Michigan :raising_hand_woman:t2:

Yes, from Ohio to Missouri I believe.

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Welcome fellow midwesterner!

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So does being in Missouri count me as a Midwestern? I’ve literally lived all over the state’s but MO is where I am currently.

I’m not sure we might need to look at the definition. I always heard St. Louis Is the gateway to the west.

Found this…

The Midwest, as defined by the federal government, comprises the states of Illinois , Indiana , Iowa , Kansas , Michigan , Minnesota , Missouri , Nebraska , North Dakota , Ohio , South Dakota , and Wisconsin .

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