Anyone Else Here Also On Amazon? Help Please!

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I’ve moved to Wattpad from the self-publishing world. I failed pretty badly trying to make any money by self publishing, and after about five years, I gave up and am now writing for the fun of it and sharing my work here on Wattpad. I’m okay with that. In fact, I think it’s great - the reader interaction thing that happens here is very cool. I want in on that.

I wonder, though, if I should just take down my books everywhere else? Or just leave them alone? Thing is, my books are on Amazon and they have pretty excellent, but sparse, reviews for the most part. I’m not sure I want to give that up. In fact, I use excerpts of those reviews here on Wattpad in the SYS forums, and I wanna be able to point to the real reviews if I’m challenged about them. It’s a huge hassle, tho. I don’t know what to do.

Is anyone else in a similar situation? Should I just remove my books from Amazon and make them available only here on Wattpad? Or should I just leave it alone and keep them on Amazon and just walk away from them?


I started on Wattpad and moved to KDP in time.
I would just leave them alone on amazon. You aren’t in it for the money, but making a little cash doesn’t hurt either. The big thing to remember is not every wattpad user can buy books and not every reader on amazon has wattpad. There is no harm in keeping both as long as you are not losing money on it.
Quite honestly, that is why I keep my stuff listed with KDP. Wattpad is my way of getting out to the word and gaining the followership/ honest reviews I need to be successful with publishing. KDP is just a bonus that really has no draw backs.


KDP as in Kindle Unlimited?

Yeah. As I understand it KDP Kindle Direct Publishing, is the amazon system for self publishing at this point, with the option to use Kindle Unlimited at don’t quote me on this because I have to check again 3 months at a time for added “benefits”

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Alas… KDP never worked for me :frowning:

it’s a hard sell for sure. I have had 1 book up there for a year and a half another for eh…a year ish. all in all over 2 years I have made like $50. That’s it.

I know your pain. I really do. Thus, here I am on Wattpad just trying to share my stories with people and leave it at that.

totally understandable. That being said, if you are inclined to do so. You can message me with an excerpt of your story and I will put it in a “Sneak Peaks” book that I have on my profile. I can’t promise that my followers will read it, but at least that will ensure that another 100+ profiles (Assuming we have no overlap) catch wind of your story. Really, there is no gain for me in doing this, but I am all about making sure that other author’s get an audience any way I can.

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As your question is partially industry related, you may get a larger response in #industry-insider. I’ve moved this thread there for you.

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Hollie - Community Ambassador :azanthiel:

Oooh, you are awesome! What sort of excerpt? How long should it be?

Basically, I put a chapter in my book “Sneak Peaks” that gives the story title, who wrote it, and then a snippet of the story Length is your choice for my followers to view, and hopefully they will click the tag/link to your profile to read the whole story.

This particular book houses all of my current novels and a few from other authors who want me to get them out there.

Okay, here we go!

Story Title: She Doesn’t Know
Who Wrote It: Shane Morales

Suddenly, Alex slipped, and he teetered for a second. We all screamed. Then his arm shot out, and he grabbed the bar of the ladder, just as his feet lost purchase.

My heart froze with terror as I watched helplessly, waiting for him to fall. Waiting for him to fall to his death.

Alex hung there, clinging to the ladder with only one hand.

Don’t let go. Please don’t let go. Please don’t die. Please.

Finally, after several excruciatingly long seconds, he reached out with his other hand and pulled himself onto the ladder.

Anna was with me, holding me, and I saw that she was crying too.

Alex began to descend the light tower, slowly, rung by rung, as we watched helplessly.

When he finally reached the ground, my heart began to unclench. He stepped toward us, a crazed, wild look in his eyes.

“Wow, that was—”

London stepped toward him and slapped him across the face so hard that Alex stumbled to the side, a bright red mark on his face. He looked back at her like he couldn’t understand what she was so upset about.

Then Hudson was there, and he grabbed Alex by the shirt and slammed him hard against the concrete wall. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” he shouted. “Killing yourself isn’t going to bring her back!”

Alex shoved Hudson back. “You have no idea what you’re talking about! So keep your fucking mouth shut and leave me the fuck alone!”

“So you can keep doing stupid shit like this? Look at the girls, you jackass! Look at them! You scared them! What if you’d fallen? Do you know what it would be like for them to see you die?”

It was too late.

The words had come out.

Hudson didn’t look angry anymore. He looked stricken.

“Alex … I didn’t mean … I’m sorry.”

Alex’s face was dark and menacing, and there was a burning rage in his eyes. Then he lashed out, his fist smashing into Hudson’s face, sending him sprawling on the ground. Alex just stared down at him, that same untamed look blazing in his eyes. “You weren’t there,” he spat out. “You didn’t watch her die. You didn’t walk back to town with her blood all over you. You didn’t …” Alex’s face crumpled and tears streamed from his eyes. “You. Weren’t. There.”

He stepped away from Hudson, then pushed past us.

We were quiet as he walked away. The only sound was our heavy breaths and London’s quiet sobs.

As terrified as I was, as angry as I was at Alex for scaring me so badly, I couldn’t get that desperate, hopeless look that had filled his eyes out of my mind. I couldn’t see anything other than that terrible pain that came over him.

The anger slowly faded, replaced by a concern so deep it hurt. I realized then that Alex didn’t care if he lived or died. His pain was so great that he was willing to gamble with his life to make it go away.

We spent the rest of the night sitting quietly on the bleachers. Avery held Stacy, soothing her, while Anna stayed close to me, both seeking and wanting to give comfort. London tended to Hudson, making him hold a bag of ice to his cheek which had swollen and turned an ugly red.

We sat together, but I think we all felt alone.

There are some swear words but you can snip them out… it doesn’t change anything.

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So long as you’re not in KU (and it doesn’t sound like you are) there’s no reason not to keep your books on Amazon when you also publish on Wattpad.

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No, KDP is Kindle Direct Publishing. If you’re selling your book on Amazon, that’s where it is.

If you’re exclusive to Amazon (your book isn’t anywhere else, including wattpad), then you can enroll it in Amazon’s Select program. That’s Kindle Unlimited (KU). If there, you can get paid for pages read. But you must be exclusive to Amazon.

I wouldn’t remove it from KDP.

Now that you’ve taken the time and effort to put the book on Amazon, there isn’t really any downside to keeping it there. Best case, it suddenly becomes popular and you make a pile of money (though that’s not very likely with six million other books on there and no promotion on your part). Worst case, it doesn’t sell any more copies, and you don’t make any more money from it.

Amazon won’t ask you to remove it to make room for something that might sell better. Ebooks take up no physical space, and the files are small, so there’s essentially no limit to the number of titles that Amazon can offer for sale.

I can think of two reasons why you might want to remove the book. One is that you’ve become a much better writer since you published it, and you’d rather people didn’t read it. (Though it doesn’t sound as though that applies to you.) The other is that money you receive from book sales usually counts as income for tax purposes. Depending on your personal financial situation, you might have to pay tax on it, and you might feel that dealing with all that paperwork for such a small amount of money is more trouble than it’s worth.

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Posted. I left all content as it was posted here. You are tagged in the chapter as well. I truly hope this gets you some more readers my friend!

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Thanks so much!

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