Anyone else love historical fiction?

Hello, everyone! It’s cool to give these new clubs a try. Are there any other historical fiction writers out there? What historical eras interest you most? Which do you like to read/write? I’m writing about WWI currently, but I’d love to write about the Tudors and early American history eventually!


WWI is my FAVORITE era. I’d love to read your stuff.

I also love anything from the 30’s and WWII. 50’s are great.

I’m a big Horatio Hornblower fan, so Napoleanic Wars are fun. Also, I like the American Revolution period.

However, I’m not a bodice-ripper type of historical fiction fan. I prefer drama, action, dialogue, clean romance.


Yaasssss my favourite is… Victorian? Or … I’ve forgotten my history ._.)

I swear i used to know alot but after these few years of being busy with my full-time job then resigning and joining college
I hadn’t had time to read

So xD it’s been a few years

I write Historical Fiction!

I’ve got a completed ‘Hamilton’ inspired book and two WIP. One is set in WW2 and the other I just uploaded which is set in Victorian London :smiley:

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It depends on the historical period. My limit is nothing earlier than the 1600s.

I have a five-volume series on World War One, four of them completed and the fifth in early draft form. They are set in Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland, and after the first chapter of the first volume, the story deals with the behind-the-scenes issues, both politically, socially and romantically.


Yes, WWI is awesome! Feel free to check out my stuff. I just have two WWI stories so far, Sharing Corrie and Dishonoring Jack. Dishonoring Jack has a lot on munitions factory and Native American treatment during the world wars. I’m with you! I prefer clean stories in general, so I like historical fiction with clean romance (or no romance).

Ooohh, awesome! Are we connected on Wattpad? Because if not, we should be! What’s your Victorian story about?

I don’t think we are :slight_smile: I’ve only just started my Victorian story but it will follow a young girl who worked in a factory until she was dismissed because of an injury. That’s all I have plot-wise so far. The first chapter is up though xD

Hmm, sounds interesting! Have you read North and South? It talks a lot about the dangers of factories and such.

Weirdly enough, it’s one of my course books for my second year of Uni xD

Hey, there you go haha! It’s long and a bit wordy, but a good book and lots of historical info :slight_smile:

Will definitely look forward to reading that one! xD

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Yup! I love historical fiction.

Right now, I’m writing in an era that I had no real idea about before agreeing to ghostwrite the story. I’m writing the Joseon era in Korea. It’s only a little bit of the Joseon era as most of it takes place in modern day Seoul, but it still requires a lot of research. I feel like this experience has opened up a lot of knowledge when I had barely any idea of what the era was like.

Lol when I saw North and South, I was like really? The book is about factories danger during the civil war?

Oh right. The Gaskell lol.

I have read some stories with a genre historical fiction and I can say that historical fiction brought the child side of me who loved history much.

Oh boy, rezz’ing a dead thread. Holla up my necro, lmao. Anyway, I adore historical fiction! I write it, and love watching/reading it. My favorite TV show is Reign. Not only because of the stunning costume and set design but for it’s nearly-flawless, gritty accuracy in regards to historical events (not the romance side, nor some of the religious side, but still)


Reign is such a good show! I liked it (except for the last season). Do you write HF yourself?

I both hate and love historical fiction. It’s very complicated.

I can hate France for some form of cruelty, then realize later it’s because this female character is really well written, and I actually fucking care about them.

I’m hesitant to read the Biography of the German Sophie Scholle.

I’ve been listening to Gone With the Wind for like the past two weeks, and the book I’m working on is based in the same time frame so the Civil War has kinda been my thing lately.

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