Anyone else trying to lose weight?


About exercising, I don’t think it’s that important to change it up as it is to do something you like. If you enjoy yoga, do yoga. If you enjoy running, run. If you enjoy soccer, play soccer. It doesn’t have to be really intense exercising, just moving your body in some sort of way. And do the kind of exercising you like, because if you force yourself to do something you dislike, you’re gonna fall off the bandwagon at some point, or hate it for the rest of your life. So do stuff you enjoy!

Also, this:

is really true. Weight fluctuate and if you weight yourself everyday expecting results you will be disappointed. Focus on the larger goal rather than temporary successes. Big successes will come eventually, and then you’ll know you succeeded.


I’m always trying to lose weight lol. I’ve found the most effective for me is counting calories. I use an app on my phone and log all my food. If I stick with it I lose weight consistently.


Have you tried eating more frequently? I heard that it works.


Nah, That will not work for me :). I have actually lost weight, about 20lbs since September. I lost a lot right away and stopped for a bit, but have started once again. Mind you, when I stopped, there was some muscle/fat replacement going on. I was still losing around the waist.

I was just wondering what other people have been doing. I have gotten rid of the beer and chips. Replaced my lunches with salads and smaller portion sizes at dinner. I have also gotten rid of milk products (Found that I was lactose intolerant).

The greatest part of this is the massive decrease in my acid reflux.


Acid reflux is something I’ve only experienced recently.


I see, I think it works differently for different people.

I was on a 1000 calorie diet for six months and I lost 20 kilos.


I cut out simple carbs (bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, etc), sugary foods (including fruit), dairy, and ate more beans (not baked - those have sugar added). Now I ensure my plate is 1/3rd protein, 1/3rd beans, and 1/3rd vegetables. Breakfast is usually two eggs. I drink water. No more than 500ml of a diet soda each day, because that stuff is acidic and kills off the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Spinach every day,

Saturday is cheat day. Bring on the fruit, chocolate, cake, pasta, or whatever else. There’s a 12-hour window, after which it’s back to the regime.

I take a few supplements to replace what I’m not getting from fruit and dairy - calcium, magnesium, basically a homebrew PAGG stack.

Beans keep you fuller for longer. They have totally eradicated the cravings I’d get when I was eating the old way. Now I can quite happily survive a day on three small meals without needing to snack. I have a pile of chocolate in the house which I’m not remotely tempted to break into until Saturday, where previously it wouldn’t have survived 24 hours.


I agree. Do something you enjoy. But I had meant to do something else for your body. Like instead of just walking - which only builds muscle in your legs - you could look for things that can build muscle in your arms or stomach, like weight lifting, yoga, or other things. You whole body needs to be worked on if you want results for other places.

The other thing with doing other workouts is that your body becomes used to the workouts and how much you do, so it’s not really doing much for weight loss. You don’t have to do intense stuff, but change it up every now and then so your body is like, “Oh, we’re doing something new? This is different.” Or you can just push yourself to do it for longer lengths of time, like instead of doing 30 minutes, try 45. But trying to not go over two hours.

This doesn’t mean to go to the gym and go on everything. But like, as time passes, you can try something different to do focus on another part of your body.


I looked into intermittent fasting, too. It was working…and then I just sort of stopped doing it. It worked best when I did the low-carb eating as I just didn’t get very hungry, but I couldn’t keep that up either. Sigh. I’m glad to hear it is working for you. I totally get that “trying to eat the right thing is overwhelming” bit. There’s so much conflicting advise!


And YES, the hormones that screw everything up at midlife! Ugh!


@Trevor_Davis I have a problem and now after almost 20y fighting my weight, I started losing it. Firstly: I wasn’t the kind of person who would just do the work out of 30 minutes per day, I ate sweets, cakes, and all that sugary stuff, I drank too much cola etc… but then I decided that I don’t want that kind of life. I wanna look nice and feel nice because of me. Last month I stopped eating sweets and started eating only black chocolate with 75% of cocoa, I stopped drinking cola and replaced it with tea. I eat normal food that I’m cooking I’m not wasting a bunch of money on expensive ‘healthy stuff’ and most importantly I started doing my workout 10minutes/day 5days/week and it turned out that it’s helping a lot. (take into consideration that I’m not working currently and that I’m spending most of the time in front of my computer or TV!) ( optionally I have chosen Monday-Friday because I want a free weekend :smiley: ) So in the end what I think it happened is that all was in my head like there is a switch in your brain and if you want you can take control over it you can make amazing things. So try not to think about it as you are going to give up some food (beer and chips), just try thinking as you’re going to replace some food with another which will make you look and feel better :slight_smile:

I hope I helped :smiley:


I am, but I want to lose weight on my own terms. Eating for health reasons and not because I like food is simply unrealistic.

My main sin at the moment is starchy things like Baguettes and Cinnamon Rolls.


I’m also trying to lose weight. Sobriety helps out a lot! I struggle with alcoholism and substance abuse. Got my share of mental disorders too which is fun :ded: But yeah, cutting out the drinks helps substantially, no drugs makes things nice and balanced, no unnecessary fluctuation. Taking it one day at a time is working great for me. I try to focus on the positive, its easy to have a negative self-body image but think about the good things like your humor or personality and give yourself a break, we’re only human right!? Do little things you enjoy like sports or exercise and try and replace chips or soda with fruit and water every now and then and be patient. Thats my current philosophy, hope it helps…


You have to make it your No 1 priority to lose weight. You also need to get enough sleep and be very disciplined, so that you can squeeze exercise into your routine.


Sorry to hear about the credit card fraud! :frowning:


I recommend cycling. You could join a cycling group, they’re a lot of fun.


I’m trying, but I haven’t been able to come up with a workout or diet plan yet. I’m waiting for my partner to begin a new job at the end of this month so we can work around each other’s schedules.

Six months ago I quit smoking and IMMEDIATELY gained 20 pounds. It felt like a gut punch. I quit smoking to be healthy, and the weight gain isn’t helping. :frowning:


So far, so good for me actually. I don’t really miss the chips and stuff. That stuff was making my stomach hurt and now it doesn’t. The health improvements are great. My biggest barrier to exercise is actually the tightness of my body. Tough to lift some weights and spend the next day with a head ache and neck pain.

I have actually been doing well Thankfully. It is nice to go from 215 to 195. I want to get down to 180.


Actually, I am losing and it is not my number 1 priority. For me, since my food intake is my biggest problem, I work at controlling my meals.

That means bring a salad when I don’t have left overs. I guess I am doing food selection to avoid the bad stuff. I know fruits and vegetables are less caloric than chips and sugary prepared food. So I go for that.

I also know I have grew up and been trained to over eat. I control portion sizes now and mentally stop. It has been working so far.


I’ve had to change around my diet. I’ve given up most dairy (but I do eat pizza sometimes), and replaced it with unsweetened almond milk, vegan cheese, alvacado mayonnaise, and almond and cashew ice cream etc. As well as a lot of carb heavy foods, like bread.

I also gave up beef and pork, and mostly stick to lean chicken and turkey. I hate lettuce and tomato, sadly, so salads are not really optional. But I do like a lot of different vegetables, and eat a lot of veggie platters. I also use coconut oil when cooking.

I have to change diet cause I have Developmental Dysplasia in my hips, as well bad knees, so a lot of exercise leaves me in a significant amount of pain - sometimes lasting days. Especially this time of year in the cold weather.