Anyone else trying to lose weight?


Have you tried water aerobics?


Hope your pain goes away and you gain strength


There’s a website Get Fat Not Drunk. It tells you which drinks give the most buzz for the least calories. Hard seltzer is your friend.


I am. I’m not fat but I am a bit tubby around the gut, and as a lingerie model… well, let’s just say it’s not doing my career any favours.


FYI, if you’ve had kids, “tubby around the gut” may actually be an issue of muscle misalignment, not fat. If so, diet will barely touch it, but you can fix it with a few sessions of physical therapy/pelvic floor therapy. Ask your doctor for a referral.


Nope, no kids! I’m kid-free after raising two I didn’t give birth to. :stuck_out_tongue: It really is just a case of I like garlic bread and energy drinks a little too much


Shucks! That’s, like, the low-hanging fruit of postpartum fitness.


My efforts have not been for weight purposes but I’m trying to get fitter for the benefit of my health and not live a sedentary life. I’ve been using the many various fitness videos on youtube that I can do at home and cutting my dairy intake down.

When I started I thought I could fit 20mins of cardio into my life everyday but I did too much too soon and dived too deep. I made the mistake of thinking 10mins of cardio was manageable because it was only 10mins. Easy right? Problem is it was so intense it took me out in 3mins flat. Next thing you know I wasn’t looking forward to doing it the next day, or the next day. Found myself putting it off, and off, and off…and days went by and I still hadn’t done it again because it was so tough the first time round and I’d have to be dragged on the floor to do it again…

The key to my motivation and staying on track was to find something I could ease into and something I could actually like; low impact cardio, quiet cardio etc, and yoga too for wellness, and I would say the same for food. Don’t jump too drastically into a new diet because it’s hard to adapt straight away. This is something I’ve now managed everyday for the past 18 days and am so used to it I don’t think twice about doing it.

Also, don’t deprive yourself entirely , only unless you have a problem (i.e alcohol/sugar addiction). There’s nothing wrong with a treat every now and again.

Have small goals that, once achieved, give you confidence to keep going and go all out eventually. These kinds of goals are more manageable and doable. Before you know it you’ve done more than you thought you were capable of.

The food thing’s been hard though. I love cheese too much. Also, I find it hard to feel full on ‘healthier’ foods so this is my biggest struggle. I hope this helps.


I am definitely not depriving. I have had a couple of glasses of red wine tonight. I am still within calorie tolerances. Unfortunately, past cheat days (not this time) have been days of wanton gluttony destroying any gains. As far as diet - it has been about 2 months and steady. I’m not doing anything drastic. I am basically indirectly calorie counting and controlling intake quantity. (Indirectly calorie counting means I am avoiding higher calorie prepared foods and going for the lower calorie non prepared foods such as fruit and vegetables in reasonable quantities).

As far as activities, I was enjoying soccer. Unfortunately, I have given it up. I am not very good and kept getting hurt! I am now looking for something else.


The answer is fiber. Fiber fills you up. Things like dried cranberries added to cereal/oatmeal in the morning can help.


I’m the opposite of you, I’m trying to gain.


I’ve been doing a calorie counter and going on more walks. I don’t make huge changes, but looking at what I’m eating, I can make little mindful shifts in things so that the weight loss will be minor, but steady. I’ve tried doing big shifts before, and I end up just bingeing after a few days and losing all motivation completely.


popping into this thread to say that this is helpful, and i want to try it when i get back to my inevitable weight-loss new year’s resolution. :blush:


i had my son around 7 months ago and my eating has gone… basically completely out of control. i’m letting myself eat guiltlessly up until christmas, but i’ve organised to start attending the gym near our house 3/4 times a week (alternating days with my partner) starting january and i’m going to start trying to live off chicken, green beans and veggies. i know it’s my mindset that needs to change; i need to stop seeing food as a hobby and as nourishing fuel instead.

good luck everyone on your journeys!


I was pissed when I weighed myself on the scale today. According to my calculations, I must have weighed in about 305 two months ago and now stable at 276 and slowly dropping.


Dieting is great and all, but exercise is really the most important part of the process!! It’s the hardest motivation-wise, but you can’t go without it. Exercise every week 2-5 times for around 20-60 min each time, and build up the length and number of days as your strength/endurance increases.

It took me a longgg time to find an exercise that worked for me, but I got this app that tells me zombie stories as I run, and when my pace slows down it’ll be like “go faster, the zombies are gaining on you!!” :joy: it’s the most motivating thing ever. So in conclusion, find the exercise that’s right for you and turn it into a routine (along with healthy eating of course!)


I think the toughest thing about it is all the misinformation out there.

You have Atkins, Paleo, Ketogenic, South Beach, Grapefruit, Liquid, Fasting and so on and so forth.

What I have come to realize that in the end it is the balance of the equation of calories coming in and calories being expended regardless of diet. Any will work as long as you are taking in less calories then your expending. Some are just better for your health-wise than others.

Exercise works on the other size of the equation by increasing your expenditure. Unfortunately, it takes a whole lot of exercise to make up for poor food selection!


Not going up is a win. Don’t be discouraged. Down is down, no matter how small. It’s cumulative, and always seems to take longer to undo than it did to do. Doing even small things to be healthier is better than doing nothing. That’s what I keep telling myself, at least, lol.


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That sounds so amusing, zombies :stuck_out_tongue: