Anyone else trying to lose weight?


It’s odd that I can fit into a 2X hoodie when I’m 276 pounds. But it is taking awhile for me to lose weight. This isn’t going to happen overnight. But it’s been 2 months since I started working overnights doing a lot of heavy lifting and stuff (that’s what stockers do!), so I’ve noticed a lot of changes since then.

Except for my pant size. I’m still a 46. But I think that will change in the months to come as things start to get a little easier.


So here’s my story:

I bought a set from grace fit uk with an exercising mat dumbbells and a resistence band and two guides with loads of exercises.

now my problem is eating.

I am doing an apprenticeship and I’m at a very challenging time of my life rn always stress with work or school and my final exams are coming up.

So most of the times I just enter a store and find something under 10 quid to eat or else money will be a problem too

how do I watch what I eat I literally have zero experience with diets cos I don’t want to follow one I just wanna eat healthier but it seems impossible

meal prep is also a thing which I should do more often

but I can’t seem to motivate myself nor keep it up

also I ALWAYS seem to be “hungry”


Disown the term “diets”. Its evil. It places unnecessary stress on us because it makes us feel like we have to live up to something. You sound like you have a busy schedule and you aren’t eating enough so your body being hungry is your body saying feed me more. Meal prep is the hardest step to get accustomed to. I suggest to my clients to meal prep two days at a time, and when they go shopping, weigh and separate their meats into what they will eat in a day.

Eating good is feeding your body the right amount of macro nutrients, and that seems to be the biggest hurdle among the clients I have come across. You generally want to eat the same amount of protein on a daily basis and change the carb amount based on your activity level for the day. keep up with the weights you have and dont be afraid to increase the load of your workout. that will force your body to use the macros you intake better. stay away from breads and starchy foods like pasta. Its hard but once you do it for a few weeks it becomes habit. Water intake is also essential. And if you are a coffee junkie like myself drink more water since coffee dehydrates you. Water intake is essential in helping the body decrease the size of your fat cells being that fat cells only multiply, they don’t decrease in amount. I threw a lot out there so any questions feel free to ask.


thank u for the answer

and yes that’s my main problem that I have a busy schedule

but also I don’t think it’s because I don’t eat enough I think it’s the other way around

I always wanna eat even when I shouldn’t and idk it’s bad


Well your body is like a vehicle, it needs fuel. if youre hungry, then eat. All in your schedule is making your body say feed me more. But if you feel like youre overeating and youre always hungry then The problem is you are eating what I like to call empty calories. Its food that fills you up but only for a moment and your body isint actually processing the macros for energy. So in that case I would suggest filling snack times with some oatmeal and peanut butter, or some celeray and peanut butter (just a random suggestion) but that combo of food will process in your body slowly and make you less hungry because its goes through your body much slower then other foods. I say start off with s basic 6 a day eating habit (4 full meals/2 snacks, or 3 meals/3 snacks) keep your snacks the same and prep your breakfast the night before. I keep my snacks quick, Im a huge fan of oatmeal so usually oatmeal it is for me and I add peanut butter to sub for sugar which I don’t eat. I also bought a camelbak and that holds about 85 oz of water and its always on my back so I never have to go searching for water. I fluctuate my carbs so one day Ill eat about 350 grams on my gym days and drop it on my regular daily activity days by half when I don’t need so much energy, When Im trying to cut body fat, ill drop my carbs below 150g a day on regular active days and even less on my off days when Im at home playing WoW or writing.

Have you thought about seeing a nutritionist?


thank you for the advice appreciate it

no never seen a nutritionist purely because of the fact that it’s way too expensive

and also I don’t want my parents to know about it (I still live with them) cos they’ll just intrude


The first thing to reach for when you’re hungry is a glass/bottle of water. We often mistake hunger for thirst.

Keep snacks handy, healthy, simple things. An apple, carrots.


gotcha, well if you have any questions feel free to reach out. Good luck


thank you very much


will do thank youu !


I have to agree with the other replies. The term diet is evil.

I know lots of people look down on calorie counting, but it is quite handy. What is useful about it is that you learn damage that each item of food does. That apple is only 55 calories while the chocolate bar is 230 calories. Knowing how much damage food does certainly helps. If you know that big bag of chips is going to cost you your days worth of your calorie budget, you are less likely to eat it. So, you can fill up on 4 apples for the price of one candy bar!

It is how I gave up my favorite beer. I looked it up and saw that it was 600 calories/can. I drank 4 usually which blows my calorie budget. I have not had a can since. Not worth it.

Basically chose food that is good for you and don’t eat to much of it!


And, as you learned, don’t drink your calories.


uhh okay nice thank you very much


thanks for this response! you’re totally right.

i’m determined to teach my son a healthy mindset about food and exercise because it’s really hard, too, to change habits that you’ve had since childhood. i was never taught moderation or balance, and i was also not naturally good at sport and wasn’t encouraged to try with any of that; determined to teach myself though and take control of my own choices.


Yes, and I have a large amount to lost. I have binge ed and I’m trying to perfect my relationship with food.


Hello. I am new here. I hope it’s okay to jump into the conversation. Honestly, I don’t like diets or maybe the word “diet” because it makes me feel like I am in some secret battle with food. Hah. That said, I saw my weight creeping up over the last five years and I decided that enough was enough. After doing a bit of reading, I opted to stop eating sugar and wheat.

I dropped 15 pounds in a matter of weeks and now seven months later, I’ve not put that weight back on. The sugar part was hard only because it’s hidden in so many products, but I read the labels and will not by anything with sugar, high fructose corn syrup or any other sweeter.

Giving up wheat was actually harder because I LOVE bread. Like in a HUGE way.


plan a diet, try some light excercises and one teaspoon honey in warm water every morning, empty stomach


What does honey do?


I have to closely monitor what I eat for medical reasons and I use an app called “cronometer” which is really helpful for tracking calories and nutritional breakdown of foods. You can set weight loss or weight gain goals and it will help you track for your daily targets. A friend of mine who uses the app for weight loss introduced me to it and she really likes it as well.


Why give up something you love? Seems like a way of eating that excludes foods you love is one you can’t maintain over the long term.

Eat the bread! :wink: