Anyone else trying to lose weight?


I miss it, but I feel better without it. Somethings are worth the trade, you know? It’s not such a big sacrifice in the end.


I seem to go through phases, where I want certain kinds of food. Lately it’s been milk, and more recently it’s veggies


I always think when I have cravings like those that it’s too do with my body’s need for certain nutrients in those foods. Our modern diet sometimes doesn’t give our bodies all the nutrients they need. I take vitamins just to be sure.


So, I’ve lost weight before and what I can say is set up a plan for yourself. Make goals that are achievable and not super drastic.


Green tea. It is something I drink. It helps to flush out the system from toxins. It also helped to clear my skin. Don’t drink it obsessively though. When I say it flushes everything. I mean everything.


I tried Green tea but it tasted bad to me :sweat_smile:

To the person who posted this, I’d recommend having a healthy diet and you can include green tea as well, but remember if something tastes really bad to you, don’t force yourself to include it in your diet plan.


For me, I honestly just got used to it. Also, I didn’t mean just have green tea that would be a damaging way to go about things. You need a balance. I know someone who did that and she lost a ton of weight but she became weak in the process as the green tea flushed out everything. She started to lose her appetite because the tea ‘filled her up’.

Yeah, green tea isn’t for everyone :joy: But is does work and it is natural.


I see :sweat_smile:
Well, I applaud those who do add green tea to their diet, I wish I could have done that and I really tried but the taste was so not good :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I know that adding salad to your food is a nice idea.


Yeah. My mum literally cut out all of the sugar in her food (besides natural sugars in things such as fruit) and so have I. She also puts less oil in her food, reduces her proportions and is always doing research on the types of foods you should and shouldn’t eat. My family has a history of diabetes and strokes due to weight issues so it is vital she becomes healthy. Luckily she instilled these values into me since I was young so I don’t feel weird not having sugar or sweet stuff and instead of going for a packet of crisps I reach for packet of crackers :joy:


I do not have any “real” motivation. I mean, even if all my life I had a problem with my body, sugar still haunts my daily life. And this is my struggle because I am young and everything that we’re supposed to do when we’re young I refuse because of my appearence, this is a real poison.


Hi there, I am just here to say that I am starting a glow up journal, go check it, if we have the same struggle.


I am 67 killos at 5’7"

I went down from 75 Kg 10 months ago to 67 3 months ago. Since then i have maintained my weight. I used to jog for 200 minutes per week or about 20-25 kms a week. I also lift 8 kg dumbles <3


Helps cleanse the liver - Liver is the main organ which helps in purification of the body
Helps in weight loss** - This mix helps cleanse the liver which makes the body toxin free and the metabolism is boosted and body starts functioning better.


Trying and failing miserably right now. :confused:

I originally lost 20 pounds last year but I swear I gained it all back through Christmas. I’ve been unemployed for a year and just got rehired by my old job so I’m trying to lose some weight because it’s healthy and I need to be on my feet all day.


I’ve taken to sneaking in a few exercises throughout my day.


I’m in my forties so the weight piles on way to easy for me. I’m a green belt in Taekwondo, and practice every day so that helps a lot. I also try to cut down on portion sizes.


I’m over fifty now. Don’t underestimate the power of hormones, and the changes that affect your body as you get older. They tend to sneak up on you :sob:


I’m a guy so the hormone thing wont hit me as hard. But it will still hit me I’m sure.


We have a gym in the complex I live at, but there’s people who spend forever on the treadmill and it’s difficult to use it all. May get a small one once work starts up.


I don’t believe in this. That sounds like something anorexics tell themselves. But then again I’m always well-hydrated and I drink plain water rather than sugary drinks