Anyone else trying to lose weight?


I’m glad calorie counting works for you. I feel like (though I might be wrong) calorie counting can lead to an eating disorder with some people. They get too obsessed with the numbers, and then they get competitive and begin restricting - like some kind of game - “oh what’s the least calories can I consume today” and next thing you know they’ve got an ED. Especially those obsessive ones that write notes/keep calorie diaries and do the math. Counting the calories can lead to people being distanced from the food they eat - like it becomes abstract, like you’re some video game character eating an item that adds numbers to the number count atop of your screen

Of course, you op, are sensible enough to know what foods to eat and which not to eat or moderate. Unfortunately there’s dense people out there who continue their junkfood habits (i.e. snacks and dessert ) but substitute their meals with something like lettuce, apple, etc. Basically they do the dumb math but cheat out proper healthy meals and gorge out on cakes, fast food, chips, & etc.

This post isn’t aimed at you, op, but any impressionable teens/young adults reading this post.

If a nutritionist can teach a child what’s healthy& unhealthy & what a proper diet looks like through the use of colours and pictures, then you don’t need to obsessively count your calories in order to know if what you’re eating is unhealthy.

Cut out the junkfood people!! Stop slurping on sodas. Don’t camp at fast food joints or frozen -ready-to-eat isles of your grocery store!! If you’re overweight or suffering from obesity all you need to do is 1) cut out the sugar in your diet (sodas, Slurpees, sweets, bakery, etc) 2) cut out the salt in your diet (processed foods, canned foods, deli meats, etc) 3) make stuff like burgers, pizza, etc a treat you get 1-2ce a month not your daily meals 4) lose the couch potato lifestyle and get active. Take the stairs, walk the last bus stop, anything helps and last but not least 5) if you’re an emotional eater you need, need to see a professional and fix that issue - cause nothing else will work unless you fix the root cause of the problem.
and remember: don’t eat something like 1.5 meals a day, but also don’t overeat and take seconds and thirds at every meal. Best of luck~


This. Don’t give up, moderate. unless it’s something like smoking & drugs :joy:


just downloaded this! been using myfitnesspal but i’m not really enjoying it or getting anywhere with it.


my journey properly begins today! i had christmas as a guilt-free eatathon, and now im hitting the new year with a fresh attitude. joining the gym on saturday, and this morning i made a salad with feta, walnuts and grapes that i’m actually excited to tuck into.

good luck everyone! :partying_face: