Anyone from the UK?


Fancy a pint?



Not from the UK, but currently based in Scotland.

I’ll never say no to a pint!

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Depends what it’s a pint of though…

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Soda, beer, blood, rum, whisky, Buckfast… I think that’s all I have to offer right now.


Buckfast?! A pint of Buckfast?! Not if you value your sanity and your liver!

I’ve been to Buckfast Abbey where they make it and the monks are genuinely lovely people but they have unleashed something truly unholy unto the world.


With Buckfast you get fucked fast.

Now imagine a pint. :joy:

I honestly love bringing it back home to my friends and tell them it’s “Munk’s tonic”


I’d rather have a pint of Asahi, Guinness or Doom Bar XD


Ooohhhh, Guinness. Or a Brown Leffe. :heart:


I am surprised that this pub doesn’t offer whiskey. I demand to speak to the manager!


hello everyone i am from the UK

and as someone who works in an actual irl pub i can tell you that pouring pints and not spilling them is harder than it looks

i have spilled far too much beer on my jeans these last couple weeks


We serve whisky :wink:


Barman, I’ll take a bottle and a straw.


Coming right up! :champagne: (that’s the closest we get to any bottle of booze in emoji form)


It’ll do! Also I’m not paying. That random guy over there is paying. Honest.


Of course. That’s Bob. Bob always pays.


Do you think Bob is a secret millionaire?


I like a dry cider! :beer:


Who’s Bob? Lol


Apparently the guy paying for our drinks.


Oh thanks Bob! As long as he’s not some creep :joy: