Anyone here excited for the Yuri!!! On Ice movie

Seriously, though, its been three years and we should be finally getting some more content! Does anyone know the exact release date?

I’m super excited! I thought the release date would be next year but I wonder if it’s getting pushed due to other releases.

AAAAHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!! loud sobs I thought it was supposed to be this year. That’s why I started writing YOI fanfics on here a couple of days ago. . .

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Did you check myanimelist? That’s usually pretty accurate.

EDIT: It’s possible it got pushed with the new Shokugeki no Soma season and second half of the Alicization arc for SAO.

This is still a thing? I’d almost forgotten about it.

But in all honesty, I rather they take their time and produce quality content, rather than rush through it (like the Violet Evergarden movie coming out next year). We can wait. :blush:

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I totally agree. Violet Evergarden was such a gem.

yeah I suppose. . . if the animating style is less sloppy than in season one, and Viktor’s backstory is great than it will be well worth the wait.

I will rn actually. Sadly, I have not managed to get over the anime like everyone else.

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It is going to be centred around Viktor, right? I’m hoping for a glimpse into Yurio’s past, too. I can’t stand his character, but those little glimpses of his back story in the episodes intrigue me. Like, where are his parents?

Yes, its supposed to be all about Viktor’s past. And I am 99% percent sure that it will also shed some light on Yurio’s backstory too, since they both were coached by Yakov. And Yurio’s character is a classic angsty teen boy, I am sure he will grow out of it.

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Very cool!

I’m so excited for the yuri on ice movie that i would go to the movie theaters and get front row seat and yell “Victuuri for life”. however last time i went to a movie theatar i got baned for shouting “iron man survives endgame”. thankfully i use stolen ids and credit carb numbers i bought from the dark weeb. dont teel my patents or they will block me from accessing innapropriate cites. taxation is theft, the un is facism, nashi fan gang unite, i hate gamefreak.

No, but I heard that they had to push the release back to next year which is really sad. But, I am hoping that the new movie will shed light on Viktor’s backstory. I’m actually a really new fan (like two weeks) but fell immediately in love with it. Funny this is the friend I first heard about it from told me not to watch it. She thought that I wouldn’t like it. **Boy, was she wrong! **

lol welcome to the fandom. Its great here coughexceptforthepainfullackofcontentcough
you need to have a talk with your friend, make her see the light



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I didn’t even know there was a movie coming out but now I AM EXCITED! :heart::heart:

I didn’t know this either! But, yes, now I’m excited too :heart_eyes:

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passes out pork cutlet bowls :heart::hugs:


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thank you for that picture
my eyes are blessed