Anyone interested in gamemaking?

I was wondering if ayone here is interested in game creation? I know that this is mainly a writing site but recently I have found the creation of short games to be a great creative outlet and a fun new way to explore characters and settings.
Byleif on the island of the black tower
This is a link to a gameplay demonstration of a short puzzle game based on my poetry. If anyone are doing something similiar, I would love to know!


I have experience with gamemaker, what did you have in mind when you said game creation?

I am currently working on writing out my own gaming manuals for a table top RPG set in the same universe as my stories. “InVerse” Like D&D, Battletech, and D20 Modern it can be done with or without miniatures, and the writing of the system is quite tedious though I love doing it.


Of a sort, I have a video game script that was going to be an RPG Maker style JRPG. But that never went anywhere (I hated the environment over at that community.) But that was where I completely developed my interest in Post Apocalyptic Science Fantasy (Ghost in wired cybernetic catacomb) style.

I have the script up somewhere.

Even back when I didn’t focus some on romance, there would be at least one Birkenstock wearing belly dancer, wielding daggers. And lots of motorcycles.

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that’s so amazing!! Is that RPG Maker VX Ace? I used to love that, but I quit on my games before going too far XD
I’m interested in game creation as well! I’ve been getting into programming and might just pick it up again and make a game based on my novel.


RPG Maker VX original, but I also loved ACE. That one I was doing DIstortions Of A Changed Planet, that would later morph into “We Are The Parasites.” Survival Horror / Scifi fusion.

I can’t quite get into RPG Maker MV. But that can always change.

I prefer free and open source engines.

I hadn´t even thought about tabletop roleplaying but yeah that is definitely a way to do something similar.

I’m pursuing game development as a career.


I am really sorry to hear that since I personally have a really good experience with the rpgmaker community. May I ask what did you feel wasn´t good about it (no need to get into particulars if you do not want to)?

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That is really cool, good luck!

Cool, I have been experimenting a bit with that engine as well. Unfortunately I had a bit of a negative experience with the community.
Any sort of game creation really, as long as it takes place in an already established world from your writing.

The beauty of rpgmaker (Ace in particular) is that you can push the engine a lot further than what most people think.

It was much specific users called Pyro, Pineda, and Touchfuzzy. Grandmadeb was always amazing.

Keep in mind at the time I went by the username Tentacles, which they seem to wantonly take way out of proportion.

And I found it impossible to really learn Ruby RGSS, and now it’s no longer even relevant for MV.

It took some years to finally build up a thick skin again.

Tentacles came from the fact that my favorite video game at the time was General Baal:

I thought he had a lot more to him than Sephiroth, just for whatever reason, at the time.

I mean I wonder in retrospect, what if I made my username General Baal?

This sounds awesome! And I have to admit that I’ve thought about it a few times but I don’t know how to do a video game or anything like that. Lol. But I do love RPGs and did thought about doing something like Final Fantasy or Pokemon a few times in the past but never got around to doing anything. Same when I played a game called De Fobos and Deimos as an experiment for a class in social studies in college.

Right now, I’m debating whether to study psychology or graphic design. So, yeah, game making has crossed my mind for a side-project. Do you have any suggestions on where can I learn to do anything even if it’s basic?

I still want to design a hybrid of “Active Time” Tactics, Visual Novel, and Real Time Strategy sometime. But that’s hard to when you mainly work under a terminal and not a GUI.

In programming, I get tired of half-assed advice I get from well-meaning men sometimes where they do more to actually hold back your programming progress.

I recently chose to leave one discord group where this one guy existed there for basically no other purpose than to tell me how my methodology of programming was actually wrong.

Never mind if we didn’t work with the same genres, and even within the same genre there is considerable variation.

I might start muting such people on sight.

There may be a specific structure for scientific programming, maybe even data-mining / machine learning, but game design there is no set specific standard.

If you don’t get bugs in the terminal, and the program output the content you were expecting, that is … all … that matters.


Well. To a degree. For small indie games, that’s all that matters. For games that go through publishers, the code and memory use needs to be optimized to prevent memory leaks, crashes, etc.

But I hear you on the men’s opinions thing. The worst is when they disagree with your suggestion, then two minutes layer suggest the. Exact. Same. Thing. But as their idea.

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The other thing is, I don’t know if it’s a tech world thing, but certain social networks are awful about taking responsibility for users actions.

Specifically, under ordinary circumstances if a user is harassing you, the entire network would make an effort to expel that user. But because the way social places are designed, they can basically get away with their social media antics.

Decentralization is good, but only up to a certain point. Social media without actual safe guards to prevent harassment, … is just honestly kind of dumb.

So I have people basically trying to shift away blame when I feel like certain social media websites are responsible.

Or they call it childish.

But in either case, I’m done with #mastodon their victim blaming lost whatever genuine leftist they had.

I don’t know what to tell you, but that behaviour is everywhere. On social media, in public, in offices.

I’m sorry.

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That really sucks. That is pretty much the reason I left the gamemaker community. A specific person there even made a “here’s how not to do game design” youtube video on one of my older games, of course without permission.

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Sorry you didn’t like the RPG maker community. Still, Happy Birthday!:gift: