Anyone into football (soccer) ? ⚽️


I just got done watching UEFA Champions League final. I am a Real Madrid fan (they wooon!) and I was wondering if ANYONE was into the game? I could do with some rambling, fangirling etc.


My cousin asked me who I was supporting, Real Madrid or Liverpool? I said Chelsea.

Make no sense?

I’m obvs not a footy fan xD Not much of a sports watcher, tbh


:joy: I am learning new things about you, Kay. No mcu. No footbal. Got it. I am too into football & cricket. I cannot play sports to save my life, but I do enjoy watching it a lot – learning a lot about stats & figures.


:joy: I am a very boring person xD I used to play hockey for five years! I was in my school’s first team and even went to Argentina xD


That is not boring. Hockey? That is freakin’ cool. I mean, I admit that I dunno a lot about it. My dad used to play hockey.


I loved it! xD Grass hockey, though. We don’t have ice hockey here. I didn’t even know that was a thing until I saw it in a movie xD

But that’s all that’s really interesting about me xD


I figured grass hockey :heart:


I consider myself an able defender and striker.


Ah that’s cool. I wish I could play football. I did play in school (for fun!)


I don’t play it too much now, because accidents.


Oh no. That must be horrible.

Also I saw that you started up the Fantasy Writers thread here, good going! Not a lot of them here right now but I guess when and if we integrate this with the main wattpad site, that should work. How’re you liking these?


I don’t like these threads too much (chiefly because I’m not able to do the coding and background like I did in the other site), but since everyone’s starting the most lively threads, I thought it’ll be better for me to start them.


Love it! :smile:

And my team is in Europe League this coming season, so yaaay!


Ooo. Which country are you supporting this world cup?


I usually don’t watch anything but club football - but I gotta support my Scandinavian brothers from Iceland, Norway or Sweden. It’s not like Denmark is ever going to win anything :joy:


Hey! Never lose hope. I mean that’s the beauty of football. It brings countries together that we’re not aware of. I follow both country & club. Clubs helps me get my frequent dose of football.

My family has been the fan of Brazil from the time my grandfather came to know about football. He used to listen it live on the radio in his village. So Brazil is the obvious choice. Besides that I have France, Germany and Portugal (these choices are mostly because of individual player/s)

Also I’m rooting for Egypt. Because why not. The fact that Mohammad Salah won the golden boot is just amazing. Too bad he got injured in the UCL finals.


We did win on a total fuse back in '92. So there’s always a chance enough get disqualified again and we’ll all of a sudden be a the top and luckily win. (For real, that’s what actually happened)

But Denmark doesn’t have enough good players to ever hope to win anything. Not against teams like Brazil or Germany for example.

That’s why I like club football so much. You get people from all around the world to play for your team :smile:

And aw, your grandad reminds me of my grandad’s brother. He’d also always listen to the radio!


I was actually Google-ing that right now because I recalled something did happen. Obviously I was born after and I’m not good with football history (note to self: come on!)

Except teams like Germany, Spain and to some extent Brazil (the weaker of the three) most team/s rely on their few players. I know Portugal relies on Ronaldo too much. One of the reason they won the Euro Cup was because he was at his peak. So if your teams gets one or two genuinely good players, you never know.

Yes. The diversity and the integration is epic. I mean you have a Welsh player playing for Spanish team. You have an Egyptian playing for an English team. It is truly amazing!

Yes. I never got to meet him. But my dad tells us stories. He used to encourage his sons a lot to play football. I think the love for the game is inherited.


Lol, we don’t have anyone like Ronaldo. Or Messy. Or any of the old legends. We had Peter Schmeickel but he was a goalie so that didn’t help much :joy:

I’m always amazed when the international players come all the way to Denmark. It’s such a tiny country, but we still have people from all across the globe playing for us. Love that!

Well, if he is Brazilian isn’t it almost a genetic and very cultural thing too?


Oh no. We’re not Brazilian xD We’re Indian.