Anyone know anything about JLC or publishing

I received a message from a representative of the site, and I was just wondering if anyone here knows anything about the company?

Cheers Nick

Did you do a typo in their website domain? Because that one in the in the title doesn’t exist.

I received a message from them too. I replied and asked for more info, but to be honest, I’ve never heard of them before.

Sorry, it’s supposed to be jianlai :slight_smile:

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(also remember to report the accounts if these messages are coming in over Wattpad, as they’re breaking the guidelines. No using Wattpad for poaching.)

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Nah, they sent it to me via email. Not sure how they got my email, though. Hahaha

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It’s a very thin website. I’ve read pretty much everything they have on there and it didn’t take me more than maybe 5 min. It seems odd that it’s so thin. They don’t mention any of their methods of promotion, nor how big of an audience they have. They don’t mention monetary compensation either except for working with “several platforms that have pay-to-read systems.” They just talk about you being able to publish with them and them promoting you.

We work with several platforms that publish both novels and comics on a pay to read system system to unlock further chapters.

Which platforms? Also system is in there twice, lol.

With a non-exclusive collaboration (you retain all rights to your work, and you are free to continue publishing it wherever you want, both in print and online.)

This sounds good.

What we’re searching for: the short answer is GOOD STORIES. Your novel or comic’s success ultimately depends on its quality. We help with the promotion- something that we know can be a time consuming and burdening task for some authors. If they do well, they can even be translated into Chinese and other languages in the future! (With your approval, of course.)

Don’t mention how they’re planning on gaining translation rights here or if they’re even willing to pay for those.

All in all, it’s too thin. I’d not go with this one.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: well that’s certainly odd. You have an author website where you have your email on? Or a “contact me” area?

I don’t explicitly mention my email anywhere, but at the same time, I am really easy to find. I guess if they have professional LinkedIn access, they can easily get my email. :smiley:


Ah okay, but they definitely did some light digging there :joy:

They contacted me on Reddit not on wattpad

Coolio - just gotta be safe :wink:

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@MeiSummer I found a discussion about them on a board it seems to have both pros and cons


Reading a bit further, they’re promising editors and designers. But that’s in the translation tab - so does that mean they won’t offer those services unless you agree to let them translate your works? :thinking:

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That is my understanding, that if it gets popular they will then want to edit/translate the book.

So according to one of the commenters on the thread (and thanks for the link!)

The story is serialized per chapter and accessed by online subscribers – the sample platform I was given is

Why in the ever living heck would you agree to split the profits with someone when you can just post all of this yourself? You can even find translators yourself, if you really want to hit a Chinese market.

It seems like a scam. They promise to do promotion, but you can do that yourself. Or hire a legit promotional company. Or buy facebook ads for like 10 USD pr month.

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But what do you get out of that? That’s my concern. They’re not talking about monetary gain for you or what you can expect from them as a company. Except “exposure”

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One of them did actually contact me through Wattpad back in June or something. That account seems to have since been deleted. They did, however, get points for actually reading my ‘I won’t publish this book note’ and telling me they had, but they thought they could convince me otherwise :stuck_out_tongue: Most ‘publishers’ on Wattpad don’t.

They’re not a vanity press in disguise, but they’re only a hair better than. It seems they basically schlepp your novel out to various Pay-To-Read services and call that being ‘signed to publish’ with them. It’s not really publishing. Plus, I’m suspicious of their ‘translation’ services, because translation is bloody expensive. If you don’t pay, you don’t get quality. If you don’t get quality, you’re doing your own novel an extreme disservice.

If you want to publish, I suggest you get to work polishing up a query and submitting to agents and publishers, or get to work on self-publishing.


Or simply pursue platforms like Wattpad, Radish, Tapac etc. yourself and cut out Jinlai as a middle man. You don’t need them to publish for money on platforms. You can do that entirely for free yourself and not split the profits.

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Nah, I think it’s just like Paid Stories on Wattpad but on their own platforms. They probably have their own apps as well. It’s a very popular way to monetize content. As for promoting in China, it’s not as easy as having things translated and doing it yourself. :yum: It will definitely help if you have ties to huge platforms such as Webnovel.

As far as I can tell, though, they are not going to publish the content in China. They’re going to publish it in English-speaking markets. It’s really just like Paid Stories, except on another platform. [EDIT] I didn’t talk to them long enough to determine which platforms they own, though.