Anyone on Pinterest?

I am always on the lookout for new ideas on how to promote my books. I spent a lot of time originally on Facebook and then Instagram. But I am a convert to Pinterest. I still post occasionally to FB, IG, and others, but if feels like there’s a lot going on at Pinterest.

I use Pinterest to pin original quotes, poetry, stories, character art, and videos for my books. I also do original artwork for homage boards for works that are similar. I do not do a lot of repinning.

This is my book series’ board:

What is your link to your book’s Pinterest board and how do you use it?

I’ve never thought about using pinterest before to promote my stories, but that’s a really good idea. Any tips for getting started?

I didn’t even know that was a thing- I just use Pinterest to save some photos I like- same w the account above- how does it work?

I have the Pinterest app and account

Pinterest Tips

  1. Start with a personal account and use the search bar to find topics. That will help you get an idea of how pics look for that topic. Fantasy pins look completely different from how-to-recipe pins.
  2. Surf for like a month while you create pins to post later.
  3. Set up a group of boards that make sense for your novel. For example I write dystopian apocalyptic fantasy featuring flash fiction, lyrics, and character art. So my boards are The Burnt Sunset (me), Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Fantasy, and a couple poetry ones.
  4. Populate your boards with your original pins and re-pins of other pinners.
  5. Overtime convert your board to business - so you get analytics.
  6. Pin more original pins
  7. After a year or so you should be pinning mostly original content.
  8. Keep pinning to your homage boards. Here is my Percy Jackson board:
    It has my name all over it and logo all over it. And when people play one of my videos for Percy they are then prompted to check out another video for my book. Like here:
    The more like this section under the video is populated with videos that feature my book. I call it excellence by association.

Pinterest is a long game but the reach is far easier than other platforms.
I have 2300 followers but my overall audience has been as high as 900,000 per month. It’s currently at about 700,000 visitors per month. My stories regularly top 10,000 impressions. I even have a video that has a lifetime views of 140,000. Remember that’s all with 2300 followers. (I add 10-20 followers per week). I’m not sure it translates in sales initially but it’s a great platform to gain brand awareness and convert for example Percy Jackson fans into fans of my books.


What is the link to your books’s board?

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I don’t know how?

Go to your Pinterest account on a web browser. Copy the web address and paste in a reply to me.

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Do you want the Pinterest link?


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Love Pinterest! I haven’t posted my own work, but I love looking for Photos for inspiration.

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Sorry, it took me a long time;

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I am such a fan of Pinterest! I use it constantly, like a moodboard (or hoard) of links for things I like from all over the internet. Most of the content I post is not mine, but rather re-pins or things I’ve found on Instagram or wherever.

I posted two of my stories onto it, but it was mostly just to see what happened there. Analytics tell me I get anywhere from 75k to 300k “impressions” a month across all my content, and right now it’s hovering around 100k. However, the story I posted just last night has only 5 views so far. I also only have like, 45 followers.

So, I don’t really expect Pinterest to get my stories blowing up, but I do love the platform and I’ll probably keep posting my stories from here onto it, if for no other reason than “better than nothing,” haha!

As for my book’s Pinterest board, I use it as reference for myself. I’ve organized it into sections like flora/fauna, structures and settlements, characters, locales, things like that. When I come across cool art or an idea that gets me thinking about the world, or looks like something I’d envisioned, I pin it! But again, that’s just for my own personal reference. I would link it, but I guess links are not allowed? My username on Pinterest is candlewitch_ if you care to look, but I think you’re a more experienced user than I am.

Thanks for sharing your how-to in the comments at the bottom, that was fascinating. I don’t put much work into Pinterest in terms of branding or networking, but it’s really cool to see how you’ve turned it into something successful!

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Nice. I just checked out your profile. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration.

I just started mine! I’m a bit at loss in how to garner audience, but I’m all for supporting fellow authors from Wattpad that are on there. :blush:

Your best way to get followers is to start out by following 100 boards or users you like. That will tune your Pinterest feed to point like minded people toward you. At the same time start pinning or keep pinning. Followers will come if you put a little time into it each day. In the beginning you have to do repinning because of lack of original content, but as you progress the more originals that you share, the more Pinterest will feature your pins.

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Thank you for the advice! That’s really helpful to note. I’ve followed your board!
Quick question: How were you able to add your background on your profile?

Oh hey, thank you! That’s sweet, haha. I would love to be able to provide something to others through Pinterest but in the end I use it for myself.

How do you prefer to use the boards for your stories? I saw you post lots of relevant stuff regarding your writing, but how do you make use of it?

There is pencil in the lower left hand corner of the banner on computer or upper right hand corner on phone. Click it to edit. You can upload a banner you have or select pins.

I use Pinterest as a vision board for characters. Tumblr and Google images are also great for these. I use Twitter, fb and IG to interact with the writing community - I meet other Wattpaders there, which is cool :slight_smile: