Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Hi guys. We were talking about squash crisps, quantum leaps, and Schrodinger’s cats this week.

Over 35? Come sit at the adult's table.
How do you find and mark books for older adult readers?

Ah yes. We were. I’m wondering if I can make parsnip crisps without burning them


Kind of feels like the forums are Schrodinger’s Cat right now, existing in two states…

How’s everybody’s night going? Sitting here at 1:07 a.m. Mountain time, enjoying some Blanton’s and writing my next chapter - or at least pretending to write it while I mess around online.


Cooking breakfast right now - cumberland ring sausage, mushrooms, potato bread and eggs. With maybe some soda farls to go with it. Then it’s harvest some of the inheritance rhubarb and think about calligraphy. Or boardgames.


Yeah, has this changeover thing happened yet?


No idea. At all. The old forums are still there, though.


It’s all supposed to join together eventually, right? So I won’t have to keep going to 2 different places?


For a given definition of ‘eventually’.

Like most IT projects, the goalposts seem to move at random.


Over the hill, and sipping a cinnamon coffee topped with whipped cream, under Florida coastal skies on a damp Sunday afternoon. Perusing the posts here, and thinking of firing up a history documetary on You tube. Wondering how many members are sitting frustrated at their terminals of choice, wondering why they cant post on the old threads, blissfully ignorant of the new ones.


Hi, another one over 35 here. I’m U.K based, so it’s evening here and I’m just catching up with the new style communities. Hoping to get a bit of writing time later this evening once my son has gone off to bed, hopefully on time for a change, as he is starting year four at school tomorrow.


I think they’d have a nice sweetness to them.


Yeah, very weird, and when you click on discussion at the top, it won’t even give you the option to get here.


I had a toasted ciabatta roll with olive tapenade, brie, and cracked pepper … with spinach so it could feel healthy.


I have to work today, which is not cool as Sundays are my reading days, but I took Friday off. :frowning: So here I sit editing an article about the cost of kitchen cabinets. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen inset cabinets up til today.

Did my first ever book signing Friday night at the bookstore downtown for my nonfiction self-help workbook. Went very well, thanks to the other author bringing about 20 people as well. Sold about 20 books and paid $228 for the privilege of having the book signing there at all. They’ll keep ten books on consignment for six months, and if they don’t sell them, they won’t stock the book anymore. Some people bought all three in the series, so that was cool. Hubby’s a photographer and took a fab photo.


38 here.


Well, dinner was meatloaf, along with roast potato, sweet potato and parsnip. Not sure how healthy that was.


I turned 35 in the 1970s, so I guess I qualify.


Winter veggies already? Has the weather turned that quickly over there?




Love the pic. You look very good-natured and at ease.

Selling books is not a bad thing, either.

We’ve had light frosts every night for a week or so, but the outdoor greens are holding up. I just planted another row: spinach, rocket, hakurei turnips, radishes, and a red lollo lettuce. Very quick trip from the dirt to our table.