Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Happy birthday!:cake:


SO right. A lot of people think age = respect. They seem to forget respect is earned.


Happy birthday to your daughter! :cupcake:


And it’s very easy to lose it as well.


I gave mine up for Lent, and I haven’t seen it since.

Like, in 1984. :stuck_out_tongue:


We can’t all satisfy every one else’s definition of respect, but we should have our own, and stick to it.

As I get older, there’s a battle between saying things that I believe are right and need to be said, and having someone be offended. I’ve become more outspoken, but try to keep it civil, and not say anything I wouldn’t say in person.

I wonder if the people being consistently horrible really believe they have respect - it’s so hard to understand. Or if they know what they are, and have decided not to care.


Holy Week is coming up! It might return! :grinning:


I dunno. I hang with the Nephilim now. If God ever saw me coming, he’d prolly send a flood or a earthquake or sumthin, to finish the job for good.



LOL. You do know the myths of the Book of Enoch.


Careful. Last time there was some urban regeneration around the Cities of the Plain, things got a little interesting.


Good advice. I’ve reached the age where I’m more than happy to let people have the benefit of my ‘wisdom’. But the temptation to not suffer fools gets worse every year … .

Honestly? I think they get some kind of thrill out of it.


When time is shorter, there’s a temptation to go for broke.

There are con men and con women everywhere. You’re probably right about it being a thrill. I just prefer not to play games any more. I have serious writing to do.


When I was writing for a living, my work and public events attracted fans who turned into stalkers. A couple of them were insanely persistent: one guy owned a plane and would fly to places where I was speaking or signing, and ask me to dinner, etc. Very creepy.

Later on, having a quick temper and a sharp tongue, I leapt in to defend women friends who were getting attacked by some nasty blokes on several websites. I planted some barbs and pretty soon they were sharing my name and such on reddit and 4chan, and going after me in a concerted way, posting threats, ugly memes, and disturbing photos on my pages and accounts. As quickly as I blocked them, they’d pop up with a new alias. I thought it might blow over until they started posting Google street views of my house.

At that point, I deleted all my online accounts, to let the dust settle. I was in the process of moving to Mum’s place to help her out. After a bit, I started a new FaceBook page as a rat trap. They hadn’t forgotten me. So I dumped it.

Under various pseudonyms, I have accounts on WattPad and a few sites devoted to my favourite pursuits. Living in an isolated place, I enjoy the contact. But I’m wary of being doxed and having the chase begin again. I do a Google search occasionally for my various aliases and am comforted when there’s nothing but posts on the sites where I use the name.

While I share photos and such freely, and post my recent work, I’m cautious about my real name, birth date, etc. If there’s any indication that I’ve been tracked here, I’ll be gone. That would make me sad, but I’ve been sad before and survived.


It must be terrifying - I’m sorry. We have a long way to go before such behavior is tracked and stopped by the appropriate authorities.

Knew I should have gone with the pseudonym. It probably isn’t too late; I’ll consider it seriously before publishing Book 2.


Stories like that make me glad I keep off social media.


The issues with

is in order for anyone to do this is you have to become one as well.
Working in IT at a call centre, one of our teenagers reported issues with a supervisor and I was asked to check on internal emails and record computer reports for an individual. We found links to others supervisors and intimidation of several employees. Within a few days I was being accused by those we were investigating of the same thing. Interestingly, I had made no reports or comments on the situation. They were watching, and had someone who was aware of the investigation before it was assigned to me.

It took almost a year before they grew so bold as to have actionable grounds to fire them. In the meantime we lost a lot of employees.


The predators have gotten very bold. They are used to having their way.

I’m sure there were always those who intimidated others (100% - it’s the way of the skeevy human with power of any kind), but human progress still happens. Because other people are sick to their stomach of old men who ‘marry’ young girls, etc.

We have to keep defending freedom - if people had voted in slightly larger numbers in the past presidential election, we might have thought humans, as a race, were getting somewhere. I don’t think so.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Check the web for the variants and origins.


Aww… Miss Kat, you have made me sad.

No one as wondrous as you should feel threatened. :slight_smile:


How is everyone? I go busy in real life and so writing got put on hold. Now that the training is done I can get back to writing and harassing people here!


Not sure which is more real. My writing or the daily trudge.