Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Getting a little frustrated. I have the writing time - and my brain and body are refusing to kick into a high-enough gear to do the next bit.

I spent my time today reading about doing descriptions better (necessary), so it wasn’t a total waste, except that it wasn’t writing.


But you were researching so that counts.


Hi. I’m Amy. I have those days too. I want to write so badly, but it just isn’t coming together right. It’s great you were able to get some productive work done. But I understand the frustration in not doing what you wanted to do!



And today, so far the interruptions have been housekeeping, Long Term Care insurance updating, and changing to current address information on two places.

There seem to be an endless supply of those.

Now for a nap, and trying again. Funny, but the results are satisfactory - just not the time they take.


My mom flew in for ten days. Now I have to get back to a full work week and finish taxes and lose the extra pounds I put on. She brought loads of Jaffa Cakes, crisps, Flakes, and Twirls. Can’t say no.


I wrote 104 words today, through a huge amorphous cloud of brain fog. It starts the scene. I like it.

I hope tomorrow is better - this is getting tedious.


The day before yesterday I managed about 500! Sometimes Mondays are a good day to write.

Yesterday - meh, as my daughter would say.






Jaffa Cakes? Had to look them up. I should recall them from growing up in NZ, but I guess we never bought any.

Writing-wise, I topped 12,000 words on a dystopian story set on the White Sea in Russia. It was sparked by an article on a remote village being buried by drifting sand, owing to damage to the seabed by huge trawlers and possibly climate change. I puzzled out where it’s going and how it’ll end, so I’m letting it rest.

Just started another that began in a dream, Monster’s Child, about the illegitimate daughter of a vicious dictator, now deposed and dead, who is trying to come to terms with her origins. Strange for me to get the title first off– it’s usually the last part.

It’s been warm and sunny here: furry catkins bursting out on the aspens and first buttercups in the river meadow. But there’s a snowstorm hovering.




I went from Resurrection! to Children of Pride to Pride’s Children - and then everything really locked down in so many ways. Because both lions and deadly sins are implied by the last one; and both are involved (the lions metaphorically).

The right title can help write the story.

Wonder where Monster’s Child will take you beyond the obvious. Sounds like fun to write.


Maybe you can combine the two. :slight_smile:


The obvious tack would be sins of the fathers and all that. So I’ll come up with some weird gambit or other.

How about a couplet?

When I was small and weird and wild,
Mum used to call me Monster Child.


I finally started chapter 16. I took a teacher leadership course that killed 8 Saturdays in a row. So writing and harassing people here went on the vacation I wish I had gone on…


Hi Folks,
New to this community. Feeling disillusioned (as i’m sure most have also). Is it me or am I just too “long in the tooth” for all this? Thanks to ABEhrhardt for kind words and link to here.
Not feeling sorry for myself … just wondering where or how to maximize my interaction time?
Happy reading and writing to all.


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Just wander around the forums. Have a look at some threads. The community is welcoming and really nice :slight_smile:

You can browse through this thread for more info-

You can ask for any help here-


Hi and welcome! I’m Amy. I felt the same way when I first came on these threads. But this really is a friendly place. I’ve made several friends and gotten the answers to many questions. You’re in the right place!


Hey, you made it. Feel free to browse through the old posts on this thread - all over the map in topics, and EmmaKatSpector has posted some amazing photos.

Don’t get disillusioned - keep writing as long as the process gives you pleasure. There are many authors who didn’t really get started until retirement age.

There are stories only you can tell.


Writing? Never.

For some of the forums here? Probably. I take a look at some of the things going on and wonder what on earth is going on.