Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



I married my sailing instructor.

Turned out we were both getting PhDs in hard science at UW-Madison.

It’ll be 44 years in May.


Ha ha all good, I live just south of Auckland, near Pukekohe. But grew up in Taranaki and Tauranga. I’ve only been to the South Island once for a wedding in Nelson a few year back, sad but true.
I don’t mind Auckland too much but the traffic and house prices are ridiculous! My poor hubby is a engineer at Air NZ so has to brave the motorway to the airport every week but I avoid it like the plague. I miss Tauranga and the beach tho.

I’m a stay at home mum, so much of my life is the school run and coffee and playgroups😁 I’ve recently discovered I quite enjoy writing, reading and chatting to others on here, it’s my escape. As much as I love my family, I do enjoy some me time.

Good old hokey pokey, a classic but not my fav😆

I’ve never been to the State’s but hoping to go to Hawaii in a couple of years for 10yr wedding anniversary, may as well make use of the cheap flights!


Ha ha, my only criteria was he had to be total opposite to my ex!


I’m a fellow Badger alum :hedgehog:


Sailing instructor implies a certain level of judgement. On your part as well.

Was it a class racing programme? I don’t know Yank dinghy classes very well, but I’ve seen fleets of 420s racing. I took my first lessons in Optis.


Taranaki? That’s an amazing mountain. Went up once in a storm and nearly got lost (except for knowing downhill from up). Were you in New Plymouth or out in the wops?

Only been to Tauranga a couple times and liked it. Had a posh dinner on an ex-ferry tied up at the quay, during a storm. My wine was sloshing in the glass. Seems like a good sailing spot.

I sort-of-ly recall a stop at Pukekohe on the railway, going from Welly to Auck. Otherwise, I’m innocent of the place. Isn’t that where the Bombay Hills give way to the Waikato? I used to drive that way pretty often heading to Raglan for the surf.

Is it a decent place to live? Apart from the AFA types snapping up properties.


The mountain is great when you can see it😆 my dad lives just out of NP towards the mountain a bit and it’s always raining at his place. I lived in South Taranaki tho, a little wee place called Opunake. My brother and fam still lives there and my sister and fam just sold their dairy farm there and moved to NP right near my dad. Very handy when I visit.

I’ve seen that resturant but never eaten there, I have a lot of family and friends living in Tauranga so we try go back regularly, it’s only two hour drive from us. The harbour and surrounds are great for boating, popular for surfing too. Actually Taranaki is a very popular surfing spot too, just a bit more rocks there tho.

Yes you get off at Bombay to get to Pukekohe, the southest of Auckland you can go. Which I like cause I’m not a fan of living in the city, way too busy these days.


I really noticed how crowded the Auckland region has gotten since I left. Heading south on 1, mid-afternoon, it was jammed all the way from Newmarket to the turnoff onto 2 (I was headed for Whitianga). One of my best school mates lives in Hamilton and it seemed crowded as well.

Tauranga seems nice, set in a striking landscape. I also like Napier—wine is one of my obsessions. For Christmas, I got a case of wine mostly from Hawkes Bay: Alpha Domus and Brookfields, along with some Mt. Diff pinot from Central Otago. Haven’t opened any of it yet: it came so far, it deserves to rest.


Ha ha nice, I’m not a huge wine drinker, I prefer cider but I do have it on good authority we have some of the best wine in the world.

I’m writing a story set in Papamoa beach at the moment, I want to try having NZ in my stories one way or the other since most are set in either England or America.
I’m a proud kiwi and would like to try bring more attention to NZ and obviously in a more positive light than what happened in Chch last month.


What happened last month was horrifying. I’m really proud of the way the NZ PM Jacinda Arden handled the crisis. She was dignified, emphatic, brave and had the courage to stand for her people. In doing so, she raised the benchmark of how a true leader should behave and react to terror.
The people of NZ were warm and wholeheartedly supported the terrified Muslim community. Stood with them as one. Kudos to them.


I don’t blame New Zealand for the massacre, but I do admire the response by the PM, parliament, and the people as a whole. The US is a sad contrast.

Never heard of Papamoa Beach and can’t find it on my maps. Haven’t spent much time around Taranaki, but I do recall the fruit orchards and berry farms (some of which produce their own wines). My interest in wine evolved from a love for cooking and gardening.

On my NZ trips, I visit wineries– some have excellent food as well: Omata Estate near Russell is a wonderful stop.

They were open before the season for one day, to train staff, some from overseas. I spent hours chatting and translating local Mäori place names (Omata = the place of flint).

I’ve written one book (not on WP) set in New Zealand. A sci-fi novel on WP is based on NZ and Mäori sources.

What do you write?


Yeh, was a real shame something like that eventually happened here. Definitely think Jacinda did a good job.

Papamoa is just down from the Mount, kinda like a suburb of Tauranga I spose.

That’s cool that you incorporate Maori into your stories, I don’t know a lot but I know the basics, I think they do it more at school now than they used too. But we did a lot of things like basket weaving, poi’s, songs and visits to local marae etc.
At my daughter’s school all the kids do a bit of kapa huka every week too. She often comes home singing Maori songs.

I’ve just started writing, so I started doing a fanfic to test the waters and see if I could do a decent job with someone else’s story now I’m doing my own teen romance. I like romance and sci-fi, don’t know if I’d be any good at writing sci-fi tho, I’d also like to try writing historical romance. But as I’m learning I think I’ll try broadening my horizons a bit.
I like books that give me the warm fuzzies but also have a bit of action and plot twists.


It really sucked, but I definitely think the country is so much stronger after it.
Jacinda definitely did a good job.
I love living in NZ, great people, great place.


What year, degree?

I got an MS and PhD in Nuc. Engr. in the 70s.

We’re in a retirement community in California now, and there are a lot of the academic types and professional types who have spent years at UW, either as students or faculty. More than you’d expect. World-class university.


Just a little Tech dingy for me, but he taught to acquire points to be on the bigger boats, and once dragged me in a trapeze through Lake Mendota.

He’ll still take out catamarans when we go to resorts that have them.


Good combination. Are you from Wisconsin?


Never heard of the Tech Dinghy, so I looked it up—

A Herreshoff design, originally built in wood. It has a New Englandish look, with the rounded sections. For contrast, here’s the New Zealand starter class:

The flattish bottom and hard chines are more suited to speed and aggressive handling. P-Class yachts are notoriously hard to sail and prone to a gust-driven nosedive, called pig-rooting. But that’s one reason Kiwis win so many international sailing prizes.


Yep. I was a rank beginner, and didn’t get that much better - school got very busy, and we got married, and then we were into the hard thesis work…

But the easy little boats on a lake made UW-Madison one of the largest sailing clubs at universities in the States. Lots of people got their start there.

You had a lot more fun sailing.


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