Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Think you hit the wrong key.

But it’s interesting.


Actually, your post reeks of hate and you’re trying to provoke and offend.


Not sure what you’re reacting to.

But something is definitely out of whack. Are you trying to reply to a different thread?

Try logging out and then back in.


I’m replying to this post by Hardee Burger:

This is the post I am talking about. The sole intent is to offend and provoke.


Whatever you’re responding to, Shalon didn’t post it on this thread. HB’s post is dated 21 Sept.

Any reason to dig it up now on this thread where relaxed conversation is the rule?


Every time I come on the new threads, the thread starts at the top, and I have to remember to put the slider all the way down to read the new posts (because I missed the beginning, and posts at the beginning don’t look familiar). Possibly that’s a very old post, but still on this thread?

Maybe one should get the tone of a thread before posting?


Good idea. Scanning the thread to the end means your comment will be part of the current discussion.

A few times, I’ve hit reply and opened a reply window at the bottom of the page, then switched threads without using it. So my reply appeared on the wrong thread, where it made no sense.

Back to the chase, I’m tired of books and films that romanticise writers as struggling, tortured, hypersensitive beings a few notches above the mortal realm. You can see the malign effect of that on WP, with thousands of teen threads that place the word struggling in the title.

Their main struggle seems to be with bits such as grammar, spelling, usage, taste, and overall, egocentricity.


Happens with me too. I’m playing counting games simultaneously in three threads. Sometimes the replies overlap resulting in hilarious situations.


Really cold nights. The river is icing over. It’s beautiful at sunset. I need to take some photos.


But, but, but! Egocentricity is NECESSARY for beginning writers. Didn’t they tell you? How else will they survive their writing?


Don’t worry. Most of them either grow out of it or find something new to satisfy their egos.


An aspect of writing fiction that I love is the chance to inhabit characters who are unlike me.


That I can appreciate. It’s one of the reasons why I like TTRPGs as well. The chance to not be ‘me’ for an afternoon is one way of relaxing.


What are TTRPG’s? :thinking: Care to explain?


Table-Top Role-Playing Games.

Most people think of these as being Dungeons & Dragons. But that just happens to be the oldest one. There are games that cover almost every era and every genre. Here in the UK there is a thriving hobbyist scene of self-published game writers.

I’m off to one of the conventions the first weekend in December. I volunteer at it and run games for people attending.


Sounds interesting. Have fun at the convention :slight_smile:


Busy, but happy me!


What’s that like? Is it savage geekery, like Comic Con, with people in costume, acting out?

Or are there mostly normal-looking people who like to play games?

Do lovers meet over TTRPGs?


Well. What in the blue balls of Baldur was that all about? :-/


All sorts of geekery. Board games. Miniatures games. Card games. Roleplaying games There are some people who do dress up. And then there are the professional cosplayers. And then there are the ‘normal’ people. So many tribes at one of these. And inbetween them all are us minions in our yellow shirts, making sure it all runs smoothly.

Last year in the trade halls, Modiphius had somebody in a lifesize suit of Falllout armour, to promote their new miniatures game. There is always the 501st Legion in their Star Wars costumes. And then there are people who just dress up. But we all come together because we want to play games.

And do lovers meet over TTRPGs? That is how I met my late wife. The family that games together, stays together.

And then, for us, there is the choir practice, where we sing songs to get people to leave before midnight.

I’ll try and get some pictures next weekend to show you the madness.

And then there is Games Expo. But that is not until June next year. Three days of gaming :smiling_imp: