Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



My daughter is the best gamer I know. As for card games, it’s Sheepshead with her.


And some who are. And all of them get some part of me. I gotta put this stuff somewhere.


I like seven-card stud poker. Or five-card stud. Most of the games I’ve been in, the deal rotates and the dealer calls the game. Some people call really weird games and keep laying down further rules: low hole card wild. . . unless it’s a jack, and that sort of thing. My least favourite game is acey-deucey. Not much room for skill in it.

If there was a big fire camp, there’d usually be a game or two. Running a supply area, I stacked cartons of sleeping bags in a hollow square to fool the security folks. Petty crime comes naturally to me, I guess.


Ha ha ha.

When I used to do Inventory Control in a dairy cooler, this one salesman bought about ten time more half-pint orange drink than we could ever sell. The guys who lumped the trailers were kind enough to stack the crates seven or eight high, rather than the typical six high stacks, so that it would take up less floor space.

This product has a shelf life of about six months, and when the bulk of the over order reached its expiration date, it was time to throw the unsold stuff away. And lo and behold, as the crates were carried away, smack in the center of them was a hollowed out area, where the guys had created a break room for themselves.

I remember a couple of times heading after some guy I wanted to talk to, or get to do something, only to find that suddenly, he disappeared around a corner.

They were hiding in the orange drink. :-D.


The management would look very badly on anyone playing cards on duty. Instead, I used my time watching dials on long shifts to convince people I had psychic powers. :smiling_imp:


No doubt to be confirmed by that Tensor Disk you sport. :-).

How goes the gaming convention? My daughter and I used to go to Gen Con when they first started, until they moved from Milwaukee to Indianapolis.



Not until next weekend. This weekend is doing the final prep - making sure that I’ve got the character sheets done and I can read my own notes.


God. That always used to kill me when I tried being a Dungeon Master.

Okay… just give me a moment. Let me look something up.
Okay. Lemme see. If you roll a twelve, you should be okay.
Wait a minute? What did you say you were doing?

sigh :slight_smile:


I did that with hay bales, in my grandparents’ barn. Made a secret hollow where I’d hide sometimes.

Once I fell asleep there and woke up to Grandad and Grandma and the ranchhands all bellowing my name.


Ah! We used to do that in the hay barn too.

We did it in the neighbors hay barn once, and he sicced his beagle on us. So we set up pressure plates as alarms and built a secret exit.

So then he destroyed it. Like literally ripped apart the bales. :-o


The secret with cons is KISS. One time, somebody asked me what their character’s motivation was. It was a dungeoncrawl … .


I remember this one time I had a cleric who purified an altar with holy water. As a result, she could then ask me three YES or NO questions about the castle.

She didn’t have a clue. She didn’t know how to ask YES or NO questions.

Tell me who lives here.
That’s not a YES or NO question.
Can you tell me how to find him?
No. I can only answer YES or NO questions.
Okay. Then tell me why this place is evil.
That’s not a YES or NO question.
Oh. Well, can you tell what happened here?

Her mates were getting pissed because she was using up all her questions. :-/


Playing our way though the Desert Of Desolation series …

Temple Guard: What is your business here?

PC Paladin: We’ve come to defile your shrine.

Needless to say, negotiations broke down at that point.


#1 or #2?

Or is there a bit with a dog?


Just the usual, thank you.


I like playing cards. Having a spot of cash on the line makes it more interesting.

Other than that, I dabble in Scrabble.

A friend gave me a cribbage board fashioned from elk antler— really beautiful. Tried to teach the game to Mum, but she wasn’t having it. She does like Scrabble, and usually beats me. I don’t mind, as long as get to make some cool words.


Cribbage is one of those games that seems to sprout variants and rules. While it is played a lot in pubs in this part of the world, never get into a game. The rules are never the same - even between bars in the same city.

Now - do you make cool words or make up cool words? Sometimes, when we got bored with Scrabble, we’d do that just for the hell of it.


@johnnedwill @EmmaKatSpector

Scrabble! Cribbage!! Ah!!! I love those games.

We sometimes play a game called Speed Scrabble, where you play a word as soon as you can see it.
You always have to replace your tiles and put them on the rack before you can play again.
You also first have to write down and tally up your score. We play it on a Super Scrabble game board, which is a 15x15 matrix and has two hundred tiles.

It’s quite hilarious, especially when someone misspells a word or or makes one up, or when two people want to play in the same spot. First person to plop their tiles on the board gets to claim the spot, whether they are in the correct place or not.

I do believe we cuss. A lot. :-o


Ever played competitive Scrabble? It’s not like standard Scrabble. Instead, one set of tiles is drawn, and then each player has to work out the best word that they can make from those tiles. In the national competitions, if you fail to get the best score, then you are eliminated from the competition.

It’s interesting that there is no luck in it. Just vocabulary.


In an international Camp, we used to play multilingual scrabble… learned a lot of interesting words in lots of languages like this. Though we found out it’s best to have at least two speakers of every language in the group, otherwise it gets complicated to find out who’s cheating… (well, this was ages ago, today, google translate might be an essential tool …)