Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Only yo check, though. Looking it up beforehand is cheating! :smiley:


True, but we had that Finnish girl who always made endless words with lots of y’s in it. Would have been helpful to be able to check them…


Honest truth be told, I hate Professional Scrabble players.
I much prefer the ones who just wanna cuss and drink.

And use a collegiate dictionary. Nothing is more annoying than someone who lays down an alphabet soup of tiles, points at the entry in a Scrabble dictionary, yet has no idea what the word is.



Try playing Scrabble in Welsh …


In which case, you’ll be after a copy of Roger’s Profanisaurus.


Does it come with a Rules of Order?


More like Rules of Disorder.


I imagine Robert would be displeased.


We like Rummy-Q. It is good with kids (easy rules), but can get complicated with adults who play dominoes or bridge. The tiles are large enough for little hands. Dots and colors are easy to understand, as are runs and sets.


In Scrabble, I prefer a 9-tile game (goes more quickly and yields longer words). We also have a mammoth OED on a table close by, and allow players to look up words before playing. Challenges can get ugly, particularly if there’s wine involved.


Ach and Jesus. Oh my God.
You play Scrabble just like we do when we play Super Scrabble.
Nine tiles – except our dictionary is Merriam Webster’s.

And yes – you can look up words, to make sure you spell them correctly.
But then at times, someone takes to thumbing through the dictionary, looking for words.
“Hey! You’re not reading that, are you?”
“Ah… no.” thumbing furiously
“No reading allowed! You can only look up words!”
thumb-thum-thum “Oh. Okay.” thumb-thum
snatches dictionary away “Stop reading the dictionary!”

We also had a cat who played Scrabble with us. It was hilarious. :-).


My cat might leap on the board and yowl to be fed.

He’s not an intellectual.


Ah ha ha. Out cat would try to sneakily smack a tile from your rack to the floor. Of course, he was sitting on your lap as he did it, so the sneaky part was moot.

He would also get his face stuck in a yogurt cup. That was funny as well.


We’re caring for a neighbour’s dog while she’s off on business. She’s a nutter on health and nutrition, and projects that onto her dog. So she brought over special home-made dog meals with a full sheet of instructions on what her dog could and couldn’t eat.

The dog is a dear, an old sweet-tempered golden retriever named Emma.

Our dog Kapa likes her a lot. Nice for him to have a good mate. It is a bit strange to call out my name and have a dog come running.


OMG. The dog on the right could be ours, a golden retriever/ yellow lab (we think) mix. Th e dog on the left looks like… maybe a beagle mix?

Regardless, dogs rock.


He’s coloured like a beagle, but he’s a stretch model: a Catahoula Cur. Said to be a cross between Choctaw Indian dogs and the greyhounds brought by De Soto, the Catahoula is the Louisiana state dog.

Some have spotted “leopard” coats. Glass eye—heterochromia— is a characteristic. Kapa has a partial glass eye on the left. Makes him spooky looking to some.

We got him from a shelter and I looked into the breed. Here he is flopped on a motel bed when we had to evacuate for a forest fire in June.


I play a good bit of Words With Friends, but not so much lately. I’ve had to turn off the 4G during working hours because it got too distracting.


Ah. I thought it was a beagle mix because of the eye color and mottling. But no beagle evident from the angle of this photo.

Nice looking dog.

And it looks like you, too have both cats and dogs. I have two cats and two dogs. the cats rule the roost, BTW. Which is funny since they weigh about 1/8th of what the dogs do.


We have one of each. The cat started out with me and stayed at Mum’s when I was doing fieldwork. Our dear old dog died the year before last and Mum decided she couldn’t do without one, so we got our present dogster in February, from a shelter. Here’s a profile:


It snowed in Kentucky, in November. People panic when things like that happen.