Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



It’s raining here in Airstrip One.



There’s a chill in the air. Pleasant and a welcome relief from the heat. Looks like winter has finally arrived.


We got a bit of snow, our usual sparkly-unicorn fluff.

The dogs were pretty amped, dashing hither and yon. My namesake, Emma, found a narsty hunk of hoof-trimming half buried by the neighbour’s corral, and tried to hide behind a fence and scarf it, but I foiled her scheme. Kapa spends his time running, rather than scavenging. He’s stunningly fast and nimble. A Nureyev among dogs!



Cricket and Jazz - sisters.


They are adorable :slight_smile:


I love catses.


Our moggie’'s a monster: over 14 lb./6.5 kg.


This is ‘April Surprise’ at 2 days old. We put a dog coat on her because it was so cool and rainy.


Llama or alpaca? I’ve used llamas for packing, but they weren’t anywhere near that clean and shiny.


The river is freezing a bit more every night.


That thread of blue narrows and then disappears. See the deer tracks along the edge?


Snowed here too. Though I’m in the Great Lakes, so we’re used to it snowing in November.

I even remember getting 12-inches of snow in early October and not being able to cross through Buffalo into Canada for a fishing trip because the power went out and the toll booths didn’t work. So we spent like 12 hours at a dead-stop on I-90.

That said,it’s snowing again tonight. But a lot lighter than that!


Jeeze. I’ll be by with my fly rod in the morning :slight_smile:

Any trout in that river? If not, I know there’s gotta be some killer smallmouth bass there come spring.


Bass? Not up here. Water’s too cold.

The native trout are cutthroat, but at this point it’s mostly hatchery rainbows and browns.


No snow here, it’s still too warm. At least we finally get some rain, but not near enough to compensate for the dry summer…


Brand new baby alpaca. She’s 7 months old now.

I’ve got two large male alpacas that I’d like to train for backpackers. You could fit them in the back of a car and they are VERY food motivated.


It sounds like you are near my old home town by Lake Erie and the PA and OH border.


The river is the boundary of our section on the west. Here’s the view upslope (click for full-size):

A moose jumped the fence last winter and broke the top pole. The neighbour’s last old horse died in June, so I haven’t fixed it—easier for the moose and deer to get though. If you squint, you can make out Mum and a dog or two. Also our solar panels to the right of the house and pines.


Cutthroats? Must be up in the Rockies. Definite fly fishing mecca.


Every time I see you post a picture of your cat, I can’t believe how huge he is.

And how friggin’ cute. :-).


Your cat looks like my Gobi. Same colour, same long coat. Hope you are safely back in your home again. I hear there now are floods where there used to be fires


Thoughtful of you. The fire was in June and we were a week away, first in a motel and then with friends.

The next thunderstorm after the fire sent a flush of burnt debris and ash down the river, leaving a layer of black silt. The gravel substrate needed for trout to spawn got mucked up.


There were slips and slumps across a dirt road along the toe of the mountain, but nothing on our side of the river.