Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



WOW! just Wow. How lovely, how isolated.


True. I meet more coyotes than eligible guys.

There are mountain lions, too, but I’ve never seen one in years of outdoor work. But one did kill a doe not far from our house last winter.


I just got a “Member” badge. No idea what it means.

If I could walk through walls or vaporise people who piss me off, that’d be worth something.

What badges have you got? Is anyone doing the Premium thing or the scheme with coins “to empower writers to keep on creating?” Wonder what percentage of the piggy bank actually goes to the writers? After administrative costs.


I just got a Member badge too. It says something like ‘Trust Level 2’.

No idea what that means.

This site is a hellova lot more complicated than any writer’s site I’ve ever seen. I’m sure that it will be very interesting when the roll-out comes. I suspect that things are going to be hopping once the roll-outs are over.

I’ll say something else, too. If you can, get into the Watty Awards. There are talent scouts who pay very close attention to Watty’s work. People will make covers for you, right out of the blue sometimes.

There’s also 4 Billion dollars slated for publishing books and making movies all over the world in 2019, using work from this site as seeds.

So there are un-seen forces at work. lol


Good God Miss Kat. Please no. If you could vaporize pissants, we might all be dead.
Well. At least, surely me. :slight_smile:


Nope. I’m doing neither of those. For a start, I don’t use the app, which is the only way to buy coins. I have to use large screens (greater than 7”) because of my hideous eyesight. Even with glasses, the text on phones is uncomfortable to read, and there’s no point in using the app on my tablet. For a second, I looked at the Premium thing and it didn’t offer enough of a difference over the regular account. There are other things that deserve that money more, in my opinion.

There’s been a bit of fuss about the coins thing in certain areas.


There was a thread about that a couple of months or so back. Apparently it means that you can create wiki pages on the forums and use a special “members’s” area. Beyond that, no idea.


The key word here being ‘if’. I have no idea what their selection process is, except that it uses algorithms of some nature.


The Wattys don’t recognise good writing or literary quality.

Rather, it seems to be a computerised search for marketable trash, the more cheap and lurid and obvious, the better. Have you actually tried to read the winners?

I entered, via tags, once. Never again. If I won, I’d probably go drown myself.


Perhaps winning a Watty changes things for certain writers, but it didn’t for me. The stories didn’t even pick up more reads or votes than other ones of mine. If gaining exposure would be my main motivation for being here, I’d probably left years ago. The important part for me are the people I meet


And thanks for this assessment… I’m not going to drown myself, cause I still believe I’ve written something decent.


Yes! Yes! Yes!


@KatJordan You cannot create a wiki in Trust Level 2, you can edit a wiki.

You can create your wiki post in Trust level 3-

Here’s the full post if you want to read-


Whoa, that looks scary.


I put a tag on mine and got all the way to the short list. Not sure of anything after that. None of this stuff was here when I joined, it was all new.

I got caught up in RL and this fall was the first time I’d been on since 2012.


I agree.

I’m still trying to figure this all out. Parts of it are baffling.


A few - and while I was impressed with their mechanics, I could tell they were kids.

I thought it was odd that the Watty’s liked my I. C. Talbot story because it’s nothing like the rest.

That’s when I started looking for other grownups. I want other mature writers to talk to. You’ve got to have some mileage on you as a person to write grownupfiction - and to carry on a decent conversation.


The good stuff gets drowned out - you have to go looking for diamonds.


What is a wiki post here? Why would I do that? Where are they?

The layers of this place…wow.


You have written something decent, and that is likely the reason you haven’t picked up gazillions of reads. The readers here seem to want the same old pap that EmmaKatSpector mentioned above, marketable trash, the more cheap and lurid and obvious, the better.