Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



You have a point, but well, I’m too old to sell my soul to the marketing devil :smiling_imp:


I think part of it is that we’ve been through that stage and it not longer appeals. Like toys, we outgrow some types of writing and grow into others. If 75% of the population is under 35, they are all going to read the same stuff.

I had a fling with Romance novels when I was going to a very stressful time in RL. Now I can’t stand the average Romance, but I do love certain authors.


Nor can I. But I do appreciate a well-written one which breaks new ground, ignoring the old tropes and clichés. And that is what I write.


I saw yours, I think I put it on my Later List. It looks interesting. (I can always skip the steamy parts.)

I took a BIG chance and posted 3 chapters of my last Romantic Suspense novel. I never finished the last 5 chapters. I don’t think it will fly here, even with a Mature label on it. My blurb got tagged for questionable content. All I did was quote my ML - so that puppy is in for a rough ride, I fear.


My steamy parts aren’t sufficient to straighten hair. :innocent: The warning I place at the beginning of most of my novels is:

This story contains scenes with normal interpersonal sexual activity, either through references, allusions or light descriptions. All of these are necessary for developing the characters and moving the plot forward. Though Queen Victoria might have blushed, today’s normal thirteen-year-old wouldn’t be fazed.


OMG! I LOVE that!


That one is brill! Though I wonder if Queen Victoria was that innocent :innocent:


From what I’ve read, she had her kinks. :sunglasses:


I’m sure she did. And I’m sure not everything made it into the history books


There’s probably a reason why it’s called a Prince Albert.


Real life does have this awful habit of making demands. It’s why I took up writing short stories. I write them in the (few) spare moments I have. I can get about 1000 words written in less than an hour if I have the inspiration.


Sorry if I’ve been a grouch. I get annoyed by the wild-eyed hype about the Wattys and the idea that serving up callow rubbish to your millions of readers is the apex of writing.

Done with that.

Does anyone know what a wiki-whatever is, and why I’d care to edit it? WP claims to have zillions of users and according to the robo pep-talk, there are only three thousand some Member badges. Should I feel, like, special?


About Queen Victoria, I watched a film Victoria and Abdul (2017), that was brilliant.

Dame Judi does damn good queens.


I know what a wiki is, but not in the context of this place. As to why you’d want to edit one on this site, I have no idea. I haven’t even seen any.

And Judi Dench is a fine actor, although I remember her from when she did comedy.


Gotta love her. She was also great in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel…


@johnnedwill This is a wiki post-

You can try adding some stuff to it to see if it works.


She was also brilliant as Elizabeth in Shakespeare in Love, which is the best-written film I’ve ever seen.


Watched the movie and the acting was brilliant. Dame Judi nailed the character of Queen Victoria. The directors took some creative liberty in some scenes, but they were historically correct in most places.


How is that different to posting on regular threads? Does it float at the top of the list or something?


Could I edit that to read “Write whatever salacious crap you think will appeal to the teen reader, even if you are ashamed to have written it.” Reckon that wouldn’t last long.