Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



No, it doesn’t float on top. It’s a regular post which you can add something if you want to. Normally, You cannot edit anyone’s post, but in a wiki you can do that.
@EmmaKatSpector @johnnedwill Turned this into a wiki post .Try and edit.


Only the Regular can make a wiki post. And as the OP of the wiki, I can see every edit made.


Different to what I think of as a wiki, then. These just seem to be an extended post that people can contribute to, rather than hyperlinked wiki.


Edit wars on wikis are vicious things. You do not want to get involved.


I just changed the color on the one part.


I saw that, Gerry :slight_smile:


Got to have some fun.


True. How do you change the color? :slight_smile:


<font color=blue> type away and finish with < /font>


Aah. Nice.


Me think he got it!


This is cool


Not keen on wars of any sort.

Mischief is more my thing.

Just got another badge, or tattoo, or whatever: Wiki Editor.

Expecting a pay raise. . .


By George! He’s got it!


Looks like basic html coding… hmm


Oh, we can have fun. I must find my book of html tags …


This is going to fun.



Look out.
The Fun begins.


It’s been a while since i used more than bold and italic, but I’m sure we can learn more


Same idea :smiley:


OMG… How did you do this?

This is amazing