Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



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hey Nab, how do you Wiki-fy a post?

It works :slight_smile:


Click on the three dots here-

Click on this-

This pops up-

Click on it to convert your post into a wiki.
Hope this helps, Jinnis.


Yay, thanks a lot!


Just posted the last bit of my mystery/thriller: 55 chapters. It’s a draft, thus invisible to mere mortals. I have to decide whether to use illustrations the way I’ve done with other books on WP.

As I read the last page, I started weeping onto the keyboard. Wasn’t sad. It seems as if the feelings I invest in a story come rushing back at me, like a breaking wave.

Does that ever happen to you?


Yes. I worry if it DOESN’T happen (at the same time I feel silly weeping at my own words).

But we’re the FIRST readers of the end. If it doesn’t affect us, how can we hope to grab another person?


Your salary has just been quadrupled. Congratulations!


THANK YOU for using ‘might’ correctly. It drives me crazy when people use may and might interchangeably - and usually get it wrong. May your example inspire many writers.


‘Featured’ is good, and it got my short story a lot of attention. I hope the writing did the rest.

But finding people who care for well-crafted English isn’t frequent. I’m afraid the kids are ODing on repetitious salacious (or worse) shocking work - and assuming that it’s ‘good.’

That’s why I love the older crowd - there is some appreciation for both craft and art in those who aim for same.


I prefer a well-written mainstream love story; I won’t read or write what is now known as ‘Romance’ (capitalization required). But it takes a lot longer to aim for the brain than the, ahem, place lower than the gut.

They will grow older; some of them may learn to want something with a lot more. I hope.


How does one follow on this new system? When I click on a name, I get a profile which is very different than before, and has no Follow button. I would like to follow ZonderZorg and KatJordan and others of the grownups). Thanks.


It looks like you found me. :smile: Waving.

Not sure, but I think this side isn’t connected to the site where we write and publish.

Did you see all the fancy fonts? Yowza!


I was lucky enough to maintain the URL of my own former site here, and just changed names.

But what do you mean by ‘this side isn’t connected to the site where we write and publish’ - then what the heck’s it for? Just talking to each other? That’s crazy. We’re the same person. Well, at least I am. The rest of you may be pod people for all I know. Literate ones, but pod people. :slight_smile:


But a world without emotion will be so peaceful … . Ahem.

I recall it being mentioned that the forums might be integrated with the writing site, but that appears to have gone by-the-by. As it is, the forums seem to be run off an iteration of Discourse - or so the annoying at at the top of the page on my tablet likes to remind me.

Still: good to talk?


Or they will get bored and move onto other things more suited to their talents.


You click on the user link when you open a profile. Like this-

But it also depends if they have added their username in the profile bio.


Very grey and cold here.

Here’s the day’s pick of tomatoes from the greenhouse.


This made me smile. I feel your pain XD


By all accounts she was a right goer. A veritable 4 foot 10 by 4 foot 10 hunk a hunk of burning love


i’m a level three regular. Where’s this special hidden bit I’m supposed to be able to access?