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I’m now thoroughly confused, Nablai. Johnnedwill’s profile, when I click on his name, HAS a link on his Wattpad user’s name - and it takes me to his page.

Yours does NOT - no clickable link (though I can copy it).

When I go to mine, there is nothing in my profile I can edit! When I click on my picture here, it mentions my outside blog, and tells you my user name, but does not allow me to replace my user name with a link to my page at Wattpad. How can I change it so it does?

And meanwhile, people are finding me and following me - and I can’t figure out how to talk to them.

BTW, thanks for answering - I’d love to connect the two parts of me here.


You can have a look at my post #1029 here-


Go to settings–>Profile–>Website. Add your Wattpad username link in the space given for website and click save changes.

Hope this helps, Alicia :slight_smile:


I’ll do that, but I ALWAYS thought website was for your OUTSIDE website, not your Wattpad one.

Will report back.


It’s my only one :frowning:


Nope, didn’t work. Now my old profile has the wattpad/user link, saved, but the profile via this thread shows my outside website (on Wordpress - liebjabberings) - and has a link to that.

I give up for now.


Where you have Wattpad user name, you don’t put the whole URL just the user name, I think?


Oddly, I don’t have those three dots


I’m following this. I’m a clueless newbie to this site.


I have separate bookmarks for my profile, work, etc. and this chat space. From my profile, I can pull down the Community menu and click on Community, which dumps me on this side. I have to log in again.

The logic of the new/old division is not clear to me. To follow someone or read their work, I have to exit the chat part, go to the old part, and then search their name/profile. Perhaps it makes some sort of corporate sense.


It’s not new vs old, but Wattpad vs wattpadwriters (or community, as this site here is called).
Wattpad is the main site, where you have your profile, write and publish your stories, have your reading lists, follow people, get followed back and can send PM’s.

Try to see this site here as an extension to it. It’s “only” a chat site (as this function is not available on the main site). That’s why you have to log in twice.
Originally, it was the plan to incorporate this chat site into the original one. But this didn’t work for some reason or other. So they remain separate (at least for the moment).

Perhaps this helps.


The chat function was available on the main site, and they shit-canned it.

I think I get the essence. Do I need help?


:blush: I don’t think so… should have replied to another of he posts above. Sorry.


Yes, you are right :slight_smile:

Strange… All the Regular should have them. Are you using the mobile or the web?

Update- Checked and confirmed on the mobile and the three dots do show up, Can you please send me a screen shot of your post? :slight_smile:


I let it sit over night, but no change.

My wattpad user name is listed correctly when I click on my image here (ABEhrhardt is my user name), but the link is still to my outside website (and blog).


Agree. I was fine until they changed it. I was lucky to get your help, EmmaKatSpector, and to have had some bookmarks to the old stuff. But not the old chats.


I only use desktop; there were no three dots there.


how do i become a regular?


That’s because you are at ‘Basic’ - Trust Level 1. Have a look-

Here’s what a Basic user does-

Only the Regular - Trust Level 3 users can have the three dots which allow them to make wiki posts.

@iHateMilks You can become a Regular if you follow these steps-

You can read the full post here-

Hope this helps =]


how am i supposed do this???
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