Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Yes. Had a look at your summary and I think that you are lacking in the likes given- 9 likes given against the required 20 likes.


I’m using a computer, so perhaps that’s why. When I use my Kindle the layout is slightly different. I’ll try it later.


It helps very much to understand why - I may never rise above the lowest level. Many thanks.

Writing comes first; socializing online with people I know is limited, mostly because I’m a much older writer than most on Wattpad. I may creep up to a higher level over time, but am not going to start jumping through hoops and fulfilling lists.

Plus I didn’t even know we had likes. Is that the heart symbol? We didn’t used to have them, so you had to comment if you appreciated a post.

I had a decent number of most other things - but that all seems to have gotten lost in the update.


Yes, the likes are the little hearts you can use to show appreciation of what others say or do. I’m also quite a bit older, this social media stuff was not something I originally embraced. Now, I find it’s a great way to tap into the world. One needs to keep the lid on, though. Otherwise other things, such as writing, suffer


well thats easy to fix lol


I’m older than most myself, and there are others, too.


Perhaps we should start a +50 thread, for those who remember a world without mobile phones.
I’m really glad I finally found this corner of Wattpad where I don’t feel like everyone’s grandma…


The Christmas tree in St Pancras Station, London this year …

And, yes. The robot does move.


Looks a bit like another prompt for the PlanetOrPlastic contest :wink:
The thing must be huge!


Thanks! You just made me laugh. Seriously. Plastic one. Oh yes


I reckon it must have been 40’ tall. I was on the upper floor of the station, and only about halfway up the side of the tree.


The Christmas tree is beautiful. And the robot reminded me of WALL-E.


Very definitely a box-robot!

I also have to dig out some other photos from the weekend’s entertainment.


Well, we’re close in age, just don’t tell the young’uns.


:shushing_face: lets keep it a secret :wink:


Works for me. I’ll keep my Alpaca and Dog masks on so no one figure’s it out.


Gotta love that alpaca mask!
I hide behind my flame… while I do have a great garden, it’s not big enough for animals. Wish it were.

At the time, it looks sad, but I can’t wait for next spring


My Alpaca is Grumpy and he’s beautiful. I’ve got seven of those goofy things. Including April Surprise who was born in the back yard last spring.


I tell you what…the younger ones on this WP forum, don’t half take umbrage easily. You have to tread on eggshells in some threads.


Some people are hyper-sensitive…I’ve already found threads that I don’t want to post in. Which likely means I was getting hyper-sensitive, too.