Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



We just remember a different age where not every silly little thing was an issue. We didn’t do the drama stuff like the kids do. Too much TV and soaps.


We had our time on the playground and learned how to not fight. lol


OUTSIDE! Unless it has a screen, my grandchildren are not interested. Fortunately a couple do like reading books.


Took my 9-year old godson sailing this summer. He clearly enjoyed it. But afterwards, back home, he declared he was bored. Gave ma a hard time, the only things that interest him are Lego and watching videos on YouTube.


Lego is good. I still build Lego models myself - mainly from the ‘Ideas’ and ‘Architecture’ ranges. There’s lots of fun to be had from a box of bricks.

Mind you, if your godson loved sailing, maybe you could encourage him.


Mmm. Dang little Lego blocks are always breaking my nails. I gotta use a butter knife to pry them apart, and then the next time I put them together they just crumble on their own.

Gimme a box of Duplos anytime. :-).


There was a 45+ thread, and a <=100 thread (which seemed discriminatory to those over 100 who still write), but, as all good things before the change, disappeared.

I’m 69, and sometimes I just want to say ‘fugget about it,’ and move on.

I do plenty of FB, and text (my kids text), and have no interest in Twitter or Instagram or Whatsup. In pure fact, being interrupted every few seconds will send me into a coma.

To write, I use Freedom and block the internet for a goodly chunk. 4 hours, if I have them, which may include time for lunch and a nap in the middle. I need the longer blocks to figure out where I am and what I was doing, and get some decent writing done.

I don’t feel old - much of the stuff the kids use seems to be a bid for constant connection of the hive mind - and not an improvement. Mobile phones are for making phone calls when I’m out of the house and need a Lyft; occasionally (when I block the internet) as a source of an important text or email - but I have no desire to answer anything but emergencies with the tiny keyboards.

Life should consist of doing things, not talking about them.


With its unfortunate tendency to have things swept under the rug - child abuse, gay kids getting bullied and beaten up, domestic violence, mental illness… - as you were all supposed to be normal. I doubt those things weren’t happening; they just weren’t talked about.

The pendulum always swings way too far. Or not far enough, if you think what having Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court means. Sigh.


Yes, I agree about Lego. Far better than Youtube, at least at his age.
And I plan to take him sailing again. I had to check first if he likes it or if he’s afraid. So we took it slow, I brought my 80 year old father along too, as I knew they get along swell. Of course it was blowing crazy that day, so I had to look for sheltered water and reduce sail to a minimum. We had a great afternoon anyway, and I think he’s set on coming more often.


I don’t use Facebook. Wattpad is as far as I go with social media. Even so I think I spend too much time behind a screen…
And I do agree that life should be about doing things…


Oh, I think it went on. But it’s a very disturbing fact that children with mental health issues are on the rise. I find it disturbing too that many youngsters on here want to end it all, and talk about how empty they feel and how life isn’t worth living. I mean, I had my own moments of angst as a teenager, but it seems that kids are under so much more pressure these days.


Hell, I use them all. I’m a right social media whore! XD


Some friends got me involved in flame wars on other platforms: they got attacked and asked me to help and pretty soon I was being threatened, stalked, etc. So I deleted myself from Instagram, FaceBook, and other boards. I had a decoy page on FaceBook to see if the scum were still after me. They were, but I didn’t respond and they drifted away. Then I deleted the page. Bloop!

WattPad is pretty much my entire social media exposure, along with some forums on sailing and outdoor stuff. Even here, I’ve learned to be cautious about posting photos of myself. That’s one reason I frequent the threads for older writers, who don’t seem as likely to be raging creeps.


I’ve been trolled and doxed a few times. I’m kind of immune to it now. Not on social media, I hasten to add. It happened on another forum. You can either handle it or not. But either way it’s not pleasant. Here in the UK you can be prosecuted for it now and sent to jail.


I’ve seen some ugly flame wars.

I’ve always managed to skip out unscathed.

Kudos for you for standing up to the trolls.


The bearpt of social media. Can!t say I blame you on that front. I have seen groups tear themselves apart over something simple - and that was on forums where you don’t have instant, real-time responses. So, I keep off social media as well.

Of course, it helps that my employers have a very draconian social media p9licy. It’s not just that they forbid access at work, but they also monitor employee use. We know this to be a fact as colleagues of mine have got into trouble over relatvively innocuous posts. It’s easier not to go near the thing.


Wattpad and Whatsapp are the only social media that I’m active on. Have a FB account. But it’s been a year or more since I logged in.
I joined the forums to learn to chat. I was gentle, shy. Someone had told me that the clubs had changed him. Made him stronger, harder. I joined so that I could be hard, strong just like him.

We have this renaming-the-cities-spree going on in India. Instead of focusing on public welfare, the state governments appease a couple of conservative hardliners. Which is detrimental to society in the long run.


In New Zealand, the re-naming thing has been subject to considerable argument.

The tangata whenua (people of the land) already had names for features and places. The colonisers, mostly British, barged in and re-named nearly everything, often for obscure dignitaries with whom the namers were trying to curry favour.

Since I was a child, quite a few places and features have been officially re-named, e.g. Aoraki, the highest peak, formerly Mt. Cook. The old guard are permanently up in arms over it. Another new thing is to pronounce Mäori names properly, so Whangarei (formerly Wang-a-ray) is now Fang-uh-ray. The Wh is aspirated, becoming an F.

You can tell if someone’s a conservative (or simply old Brit) by how they pronounce place names.


Peking -> Beijing


I’m not a fan of renaming, to be honest. Takes away the historical significance of the place.

For eg : Bombay was renamed Mumbai after the Hindu goddess Mumbadevi, the city’s patron deity. “Bombay” is an anglicization of the Portuguese name “Bombaim,” which is believed to derive from the phrase “Bom Bahia,” or “Good Bay.” (Portugal held territories in western India until 1961.)