Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



I think that is covered by the first decision box on the Engineers’ Flowchart.


Such a shame! Is it on your profile? Will avoid that publisher, thanks.


I don’t have 35 yet, but I’m approaching 33 so you can say that 35 is already behind the door and is calling to open it.

God how fast this time flies:scream: :scream: :crazy_face:


Yeah. I volunteered a time or two at some gaming events as well. Mostly set-up and take-down.

Although it was nice to have a quiet room in which to take a break, by the end of the weekend it was pretty much just a dumping ground for everybody’s empty chip bags and Mountain Dew bottles. Don’t get me wrong though. I got some pretty nice swag, and my daughter and I had free All Access passes for the entire event.

Plus… you know. Nerds. I just love nerds so much. :slight_smile:


That’s the thing - the longer I’m away, the harder it is to remember what my actual accent was like.

Which particular bit of it? Did the book get published?

Sadly no. Huge surprise that no one wants to give money to someone with no flipping experience. :sunglasses: Apple has been here for a while - large buildings a few miles from here, but now they’re building a much larger campus a mile from there. Here’s hoping hubster can finally get a job he likes.


Yes, an editor friend of mine said it’s best to keep the accented words to the odd one here and there but keep them consistent, so as to keep the pages readable.


Want to self-publish? I can help :smiley:


Dragonmeet I do set up, take down and run games inbetween.

Expo I just run games. Five games for six people, each one four hours long.



Since I use a pseudonym on WP, and try to keep my online stuff separate, I don’t list publications on my profile.

Please don’t avoid Knopf– it’s an excellent publisher. The editor liked the book at first, but I think the marketing folks tipped the balance against it.


The NZ publishers wanted to cut the Mäori glossary, since Mäori is an “official” language (which very few people actually speak). The folks at Huia liked the book but couldn’t class it as Mäori work since I’m not formally affiliated with an iwi (tribe). Reckon that’s a factor in their grant support. Besides, NZ is a very small market (same population as Colorado) and they can’t take many risks and stay solvent.

I rewrote it, mostly cutting, and sorted some of the outtakes for a trilogy, but I’ve not looked at it for some time. The idea of self-publishing and trying to hawk it on Amazon is profoundly depressing.

I love writing and dislike the commercial aspects.


in the past, people like us would have been storytellers, dreamers.
In this day and age we have to peddle our wares as if they were bars of soap.


It took me years to realise that having a talent for writing didn’t translate to a viable living. I spent time at creative writing programmes and then visited at a couple unis and tramped about to conferences and events, only to conclude that I do not like to teach writing.

My bouts with trad publishing tended to raise my hopes and then dash them, while requiring a huge amount of negotiation, self-promotion, and hustling and jostling on the way. My agent was a dear, encouraging me, but after he died, I lost heart.

I still love writing. Some of which I post on WattPad (and then mostly ignore). I’m not much of a social media type, either.

Enough of that. . .


So, does anyone play card games at the expos you tend?
I’m a card game guy mostly, myself. Magic and Pokemon.

I also enjoy playing the board games, especially ones that I’ve never played before, with a guy running the game who’s teaching everyone as they play. Also, the big meets where people play for money. I remember once seeing an Axis and Allies game board that was as big as a snooker table, with pieces the size of G.I. Joe. I have no idea what happened after they started playing on it though – the crowd was a couple hundred people deep.

So – what’s your best dungeon?


Much better to just do it as a hobby and enjoy it.

That makes two of us.


You know, you threw me for a loop a bit when you used that word, because as a farm kid, you send your old, dead and useless farm animals to the rendering plant, or the Knackery.

So I thought for a moment it was your job to clean up the carcasses. :-o


Expo this year had a big Yu-Gi-Oh tournament, but then they were one of our sponsors. We’ve had various official card games go on, but we also get people bringing their own games along as well as raiding the games library. And then there are always the various demo teams from the different publishers.

Dungeon? That would be the goblin games I ran over a few years, where the PCs were Basic D&D goblins. They got up to all sort of crap - sometimes even related to the adventure. I just let them go. Boots of Speed and a raft … . Exploring the digestive system of a leviathan. That sort of thing.

I run a lot of different games, with a few that are regulars. Currently I’m back into Paranoia. The game at Dragonmeet this year involved the PCs stuck in a lift with a box of bees for three hours. One of the players was beating his head against the table in frustration - and that’s a sign of success in Paranoia.

I also run Golden Sky Stories - a honobono game from Japan, translated by Ewen Cluney. That is regarded by my regulars as a nice way to wind down from a con. Nice and gentle, and concentrating on the story. The best one of those was when the PCs went to the big city to negotiate an apology on the part of the local river kami.

I’m already writing games for Expo in June next year.


Same origin. Different meaning.

Must remember never to ask Americans if I can bum a fag off them … :smiley:


Can I join the club?


Lol. I’m just the same. Awesome threesome.


I rather hate how you can’t use the word ‘fag’ anymore, thanks to the PC crowd.
I still do though, in my writing, as in –
‘While playing Paranoia, John beat his head on the table until he was fagged.’

I would so totes love to see that. :slight_smile: