Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Is this telling us that a single ■■■■ is not permitted? Seems to be promoting promiscuity.


Maybe it’s taking cocks in the literal sense of the word? :rooster: Seems like a valid reason to me. I find no other reason that this.


dickheads? Let me check. Ah that works.
Now another one

Good that this thread is in the pub. If anybody has an issue we can point out that we are conducting scientific research while under the influence of noxious substances and this is entirely legit


Noxious substances? Let me join!

Neighbour’s baby cat found a new favourite spot…

in my hammock.


I tried to get published via Trade for a couple of years. But I figured out early that I needed to have a ‘day job’ so I was an IT major in college.

Then the Kindle came out - Yahoo!

Even after I had a great run with my first novel, (thanks to Authonomy, in part) I realized that every book was going to have a different path.

So I’m here to experiment. So far so good.


What a dear wee kitty! My cat is old, ferocious, and huge. Don’t think he’d tolerate a younger cat in the house.


After studying linguistics, literature, and creative writing for years, I went back and got an MA in science (fluvial geomorphology). I’d been working seasonal jobs collecting data for some time, and with a degree I hoped to increase my earnings somewhat.

What I failed to realise is that the tenured profs who get the grants depend on the cheap/slave labour of Ph.D. candidates, and are not inclined to hire someone like me, with a Masters and developed skills, at a decent rate. I do get quite a few requests to train the new crop of Ph.D. candidates, which I no longer accept.


With that resume, I wouldn’t work for free either.

Academia isn’t know to be a good place to work. But try to get by without an education!


Yes, she is! Makes me wish I had a kitten of my own.
I hunk it’s amazing how good the cats here get on with each other. There are five of them and three care for the kitty. Only old grumpy Tom is better left alone.


Ah, this story sounds like a variation of my own. Sometimes I wish I’d chosen a job that isn’t interesting but pays well. Some more time for writing would be nice, too. A MA with field experience is definitely not what the market out there is looking for. Not after you are a bit older and they have to pay you more than a beginners wage.


I figure that PhD programs in the hard sciences place maybe 10% of their students, possibly the more suited ones, in academic positions. These are the ones whose profs help them find post-doc positions.

The remaining 90% are basically discarded.

They lure you in with the prospect of jobs at national labs and universities, and then you’re out of luck. Industry gobbles some of the rejects up, but you have to find the jobs on your own.

Handy for academia - it keeps their profs employed - but bait and switch for the students.


Yay a spot for adults. How is everyone? And yes… I’m way past 35 and 45 for that matter. One more week and then it’s Christmas break! :partying_face:


Me me me, im over 35. im new to Wattpad, and would love to talk about anything.


I thought the same thing Gllaurich, really glad to find a chat with grown ups… so to speak. any who…yes Christmas is so close I can taste it, my brake starts tomorrow, and if my government shuts down, lol ill have a much longer brake than i thought. not sure how to respond to that save for getting my pad and pen.


Hey and welcome, @gllaurich @roseSW111 :wave:


This isn’t a tough crowd. All you have to do is say something interesting.


Which, given our temperament, will usually set off an entire train of thought nobody expected.


Every silver lining has an agent demanding their 10%.


@gllaurich @roseSW111 Welcome. Nice to have you with us :slight_smile:


he he he, that’s awesome, ok lets see. something interesting… something interesting…oh I know Dolphins have the longest memories when it comes to animals… I’ll have to consider how best to use that in an insult the next time I call someone an animal.