Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Love love love! :heart::lhansonauthor:


thank you its awesome to be about


Dolphins: you hear stories about them rescuing people lost at sea. Why do we never hear stories about the people they don’t rescue?



bwahahahaha… cus they get taken them to their leader :joy:


Ten percent? It’s been quite a while since any literary agent asked for that.

Fifteen percent is a bargain. Most want twenty or twenty-five.


Holy Hold up, Captain Marvel! No wonder some old-time authors are Agent-Bashing!


Does anyone know what this nonsense about being notified by Wattpad that someone mentioned you in their feed - when it is clearly not true, and they somehow tagged everyone on their followers list?

I would still like to be notified if someone interacts with me, but this drives me crazy and wastes my time, since I have NOT been mentioned. FB has started doing it, too, and I can’t seem to get rid of it.

It is the same as spam emails - sent to the whole mailing list regardless. I opt out of those authors’ feeds as soon as they pull that one. Can I opt out here?



Hey, you get this message if someone you follow clicks “send to all my followers”.
The wording is a bit strange, as this person almost certainly didn’t mention you personally.
The only way to get rid of it is to unfollow said person.


You’re right - the wording is incorrect. But I read it and can’t distinguish from when someone DOES mention me.

I will unfollow, but it’s wrong. And I like to report things that are wrong to the people whose job it is to get the right person to fix things.

IIRC there was a way to send a notice to all your followers - you just posted it on your profile.


I agree, and I think it has been reported several times. At least all those messages get grouped together now, so they don’t clutter the inbox so much anymore.
I stopped sending messages a while ago as I don’t like this newish feature


I’ve completely stopped all personal announcements. I find them an intrusion and don’t want toupset people


This is a Known Issue, Alicia. And the Wattpad team are aware of it. You can read this article for more info-


George Carlin! Oh he is my comic hero.

Good evening! I’m Al Sleet, your Hippy Dippy Weatherman, with all your hippy, dippy weather, man. Tonight’s forecast – dark, followed by partial light in the morning.

Him and Richard Jeni…

Now, why are weathermen called meteorologists? What should a meteorologist be reporting on? METEORS! Wouldn’t that be the easiest job in the world?
No meteors tonight, folks! No asteroids, no comets… a FAB-ulous night for space travel!



Thank you, Nablai. I’m sure they’ll fix it.


My daughter prefers Bill Hicks. When she first discovered him, she asked us why we hadn’t told her about him. Then we had to give her the bad news.


The Bad News – The bloodiest, most disgusting things that happened today, all jam-packed into a half hour, right before you go to bed. You thought you were scared before? Well you will soil your pajamas when we bring you The Bad News – featuring our anchorman, Grim Carnage. Grim?

"Good evening. It’s eleven o’clock. Here’s who DIED! Also, this just in – a gang in New York City has dug up a dead nun and murdered her again.

“And now let’s go to our field reporter who is trying to make a tragedy victim cry while on the air…”



Today, a young man took LSD and discovered that we are all just energy and can neither be created nor destroyed.


How does energy hold a pen? Or type on a keyboard?

I’m still working. Being energy will have to wait.


Long answer: everything comes from energy …

Short answer: you can’t do anything without energy.

If you want to know more, listen to Bill Hicks. It’s one of his better routines, if you ask me.


Everybody’s on some kind of drug. I mean, isn’t beer a drug? Doncha think if beer and cocaine met once in a bar, they would hit it off?

Beer would say something like, “Cocaine? Hey, hi! I’ve been so meaning to talk to you! What the hell have you been up to?”
“Same thing as you. Getting people high.”
“Yeah? Really? Me too! So how did you get here? Did you come on a truck?”
“No. I came in a balloon stuck up some guy’s ass.”