Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



“We’re just a virus with shoes.”


@johnnedwill @HardeeBurger what did you guys smoke? Is there any of it left?


Plenty of Bill Hicks to go around. Now, if I was to start on British comedy, I’d likely lose my audience … .


Hey! Hi! Nice to see ya! I just flew in from L.A, – not to stay here. I just want to smoke a cigarette. Can’t do that in California – it’s a big sin there. It’s like – Earthquake? Doesn’t scare us. Forest fire? Not a problem. Riot? That stuff happens.

But a lit cigarette? Run! RUN! There’s a cigarette in the house! Someone save us! Get me an arugula salad and a motivational tape!

Richard Jeni was just so funny a guy. I love him!


Okay got it, won’t suggest talking a smoke again!



Jim Fixx? Anybody remember him? Dropped dead of a heart attack while jogging. They didn’t find him for three days. I bet he was found by some guy going out for a packet of cigarettes.

“Hey! Is that Jim Fixx?”

“Looks like it. Let’s get some smokes.”


I had to Google Bill Hicks for your conversation to make sense to me :slight_smile:


Worth it, though?


Aye, loved every convo. Was chuckling at the dry humor. I think that English folks are well-known for their dry humor.


Snowing, all morning,
Strawberries, a few at a time,
thawed for jam: four jars.


Had a dab of strawberry jam for breakfast. Our homegrown berries, an heirloom variety named Fort Laramie, do taste exceptionally good.

I love good jam, on a grainy slab of toast.

Just an old-fashioned girl. . .


Early Christmas present: a jar of homemade mincemeat.



Is there no actual meat in mincemeat? I’ve never made any. Tried it, but it’s not my sort of thing. Not keen on fruitcake, either.

I do like köfte lamb, which has lots of different spices. Virtually the same recipe as for Swedish meatballs, which were adopted from the Turks. In fact, I think I’ll get some lamb shoulder and make köfte from scratch, and package it as fresh sausage. I feel like grinding something up. Grrrowwwrrr.


Lost again. How do I send a message to followers now? I have the old and new systems bookmarked, sort of, but it used to be easy, and now I have no clue.



There used to be meat in it, many centuries ago. Then the meat was replaced in favour of suet, then left out almost altogether now. Current mincemeat recipes usually involve raisins, fruit peel and lots and lots of sugar and spice.

It’s a Christmas staple here. You can buy it at other times, but the bakery sections inshops are flooded with it at Christmas. Not to everyone’s taste, but most definitely to mine. But then I love Christmas food. Cake, pudding, panettone, stollen.

The family Christmas ritual always set great store in food. My Christmas day begins with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, washed down with Buck’s Fizz. Dinner always starts with onion soup and ends with cheese. Tea is scavenged leftovers, pork pie and cake. And there’s always alcohol. Irish Christmases need alcohol. I’m the only one who drinks at this Christmas, so I’m having to bring my own supplies: wine, whisk(e)y, gin and port.

Lamb kofte are nice. I also like shami, wi5 just a small dish of rita to dip them in. Here in the Midlands there is a tradition of Indian and Middle Eastern immigration, so we are spoilt for choice. Everybody has their favourite place to go. My preferred diner is Pakistani-owned. They only do four different curries - lamb, chicken, vegetable and ‘special’ - but they do a marvellous masala fish.

Head to the North West, and Chinese cooking becomes a thing. My daughter, who was born in Liverpool (Irish and Mancunian parents - you could only get more Scouse if there was some Scandinavian in there!), grew up being able to wield chopsticks like a pro. The only person who could beat her at her school was someone who had grown up in Hong Kong. We disagree about the style of chopsticks to use. She prefers o-hashi, while I prefer the Chinese style.


It’s under your profile, on the Conversations tag. You have to tick the little box to send to all followers, thoug. Otherwise, I think iyoue message goes nowhere.


Thanks, but there’s nothing there. And the three dots that might be it, as well as an icon of a thumbtack, are greyed out. Probably I’m not trustworthy yet by their new algorithm. I’ve only been on Wattpad 6 years with no problems before ‘the change.’

I’m not doing well by such measures.


You tick the small box given on the lower left-hand side of your message board and then click on the Announce. Like this-


You know you’re getting older when vultures start hanging around on your deck


You know they’re waiting for something …