Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Ha ha ha. That is pretty funny. You wouldn’t happen to live nearby that coyote-chasing corgi, would you?

Maybe he could be of help. :slight_smile:


God I wish I lived somewhere that snowed at Christmas :rage:


Not always fun for us who do have snow :grimacing:


The traffic light is about 100 meters (100 yards) behind me in the photo.


Yes, I definitely prefer my own, snowless view…


I learn so many things reading your posts. About chopsticks, for instance. I’ve noticed the diff between the cheap bamboo snap-apart kind you get in paper packets and the fancy lacquered ones. But the rest is new to me. I looked it up and now know that the lacquered ones I have are Japanese style, with delicate tips.

I eat very slowly, and at times test my skill by picking up rice one grain at a time.

I smoked salmon last fall— should get some out for Christmas brekky. The only trad meal we’ve got is oyster stew on Christmas Eve. That’s odd, since Mum’s folks were Wyoming ranchers, but she says that they carried the custom to the 'States from the west of Ireland. I’ve had wonderful oysters over there.


When it snows here, it feels like the edge of the world.


I have a nice pair of lacquered o-hashi I bought in Hakone, in a very nice cloth case. But they’re too good for eating with, so I have a simple set of black wooden chopsticks for everyday use.

If you’re good, the paper wrappers can be folded to make a stand. I got lectured on this by an old Chinese lady at Ma Bo’s in Liverpool during my student days there. I’ve never forgotten that dinner!


Looks like it too!


The landscape looks barren and deserted. As if no one lives.


Right? I’ve had days where I feel half-dead, but come on :rofl:


That dog’s got some spunk​:joy::joy:


GofT location right there :cold_face:


I don’t have a ‘lower left hand of a message board.’ What is a ‘message board’?

The only two links I have that get me to Wattpad are


NEITHER of them looks anything like what you’ve posted here.

Obviously, there is something I’m not seeing, but I’ve poked at Community and other tabs on my page and can’t find a page like you’re posting!

I added /activity at the end:
because that’s what’s after yours in the screenshot you posted.
It did get me to a place I can post a notice to my followers, warning me that I get three a day.

But there is no place on my user page to get to this ‘activity’ page. I bookmarked it - at least I can get back there.

So, roundabout frustrating way, but I have a bookmarked place I CAN go to, thanks to you.

I think I’m caught in cyberspace between the new and the old. With my brain, I’m lucky I have you guys.


It turned my first link into an image. I had


and the editor decided to give you a picture instead.

Tricked it! The link now shows.


Cheap bamboo chopsticks - like the plastic fork, only biodegradable, eventually.


All it does is rain and rain and rain where I am


Ha ha ha. No kidding there. That corgi is having the time of his life chasing that coyote around.


Barren? Hardly. But I’ve spent quite a lot of time at high elevations, where there aren’t even trees.

Just the rock and the wind and the snow.

Along with a profound sense of one’s mortal prospects.


Axe Edge Moor when it snows … . You’d be mad to go up there.