Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



Yes, there is. Are you using the web or the app, Alicia?

That place is called a message board. You get to post three announcements per day.


Wow… The feeling must be so profound. Being there all alone.


That’s an amazing sight. You have to be at a high elevation.

There are times when I feel like our tiny croft in Kentucky is ‘way out there’ but seeing this makes puts it back in perspective.

Lovely view.


Around 7800 ft./2400 meters. It’s a high mountain valley cut by a river. 50k to the nearest town.


We have an enormous snow-blower that outweighs me. Mass vs. Will.


Canada or US? You measured 50k, so I’m guessing Canada.


US. But I grew up in New Zealand and I still reckon distance in kilometers. It’s about 30 miles.

Seems farther in winter.


Here in Kentucky the whole state shuts down when there’s more than 6 inches of snow. It’s actually kinda funny.

I grew up in NE Ohio - they got 12 feet of snow last January.


I wasn’t alone. On my ski mountaineering trips, I had at least one and often three or more partners.

To do a winter solo up high would require a serious death wish. It’s an unforgiving situation. I think I have the skill, but one ■■■■-up would be your last. I can deal with fear, but don’t relish it.


One must learn to respect one’s surroundings or it will kill you.

20 years ago, me and my Old Mare would have loved that country. I’d never have gotten out of the saddle.


I only use the desktop - mobiles are ridiculous for fast touch typists. Plus I rarely leave the house!


Some of our photos from Crete two years ago. Such lovely people and beaches.



those are lovely pictures @IrishSally


Crete is beautiful :slight_smile:


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Hope this helps, Alicia :slight_smile:


Looks like a grand trip. Never been to Europe, besides Ireland.

Corsica is intriguing. Very spiky landscape, weird castles. The seafood’s probably excellent.

Looked it up: “Despite living on an island endowed with a large coastal area, Corsicans have never been a population of fishermen. Throughout their history, multiple waves of invaders, malaria, and other threats have systematically discouraged them from staying on the coast.”

Oh, well.


So much to love in Europe. I really want to visit Croatia next - looks gorgeous. Crete pretty much has a castle on every peninsula, and the whole village would live at the top of the hill surrounded by walls. My guess is they were attacked just as often as the other islands in the Mediterranean were.

I read a book about the Azores - another place I’d love to see in the middle of nothingness.


One of my old yachting mates from NZ chartered a boat and cruised the Croatian coast: spectacular.

Might try another trip to Newfoundland, since I had to cancel the first, to evacuate for the forest fire. But if the market keeps diving, I might not be able to afford it.


On the upper right-hand side of WHAT?

I figured it out, but this wasn’t how.

The key is that ’ Conversations page which is also called Message board’ - which is NOT intuitive.

I think I hit it by accident, and can now find it.

Thanks for trying, but we’re looking at completely different things, and I don’t have a clue because I don’t know where to start from. It is frustrating not to know the URL of the beginning of things.

I’m good for now. It’s okay. Thanks for giving me screenshots - those helped me figure it out.


Merry Christmas everyone :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:


And you!