Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



The part I know is the west coast. In Dingle Town, it’s a bacchanal, with a parade and the pubs sloshing with drink.


Looks like a feast. Never had ham and turkey on the same plate.

Not sure why. P’raps the practicalities of cooking for a group. The taties look wonderful.

Is that some sort of lemon meringue pie? Mum would love it.


The ham was the easiest part - bought two slices on the bone and stuck them in the toaster oven on warm while I cooked everything else.

Yup. Shortcrust pastry made with eggs. I find that if I whizz the butter into the flour rather than rub it in, it makes the most amazing light and crumbly dough. And then I put in all the zest from the lemon instead of the silly half a teaspoon in the recipe.

Off topic, if you whizz up butter in flour for crumble and don’t pack it in over the fruit, it’s divine. It seems to let the hot air crisp it up more all the way through.


You can never have too much zest! It really cuts through the sugar.


It looks great. For some reason, I’ve never been interested in making sweets or desserts.

That works as a territorial thing, since Mum is keen on baking cookies, pies, cakes, and rich things like pumpkin bread. I do the mains and leave the desserts to her. She’s a terror in the kitchen: dropping things, shrieking, making mistakes, second guessing. I think that’s why I started cooking for us at an early age: couldn’t stand the chaos.

I cook in an orderly, zero-drama way. Get everything prepped in advance. Use a timer. Clean up as I go.

Life can be crazy. Cooking is my refuge.


The food looks yummy, Sally :yum: It’s the wedding season in full swing here, and I’m honestly tired of prepping for the Nikah followed by lunches, dinners and the socializing. It’s draining. Tomorrow is the last family wedding to attend and then I’m free. Have skipped many wedding dinners under the guise of illness. :wink: I’d rather read a story than socialize.

I do the same. In fact I plan my next day’s menu at night and finish the preps [marinating the mutton/chicken, kneading the dough] to get a head start in the morning.


Broke down some dried herbs. I clip them in the greenhouse and then bundle them and dry them in the cool dark under the stairs. Then, I slip the leaves from the stems and run them through an old colander.

Rosemary really makes me sneeze.


You’re making me hungry - and we’ve had feasts here, with Sunday brunch to come tomorrow, and I’m sure something special for the New Year.

I would eat nothing but sugar if I could, but most of the time just stay low carb (which minimizes the cravings for sugar). There isn’t a dessert too gooey or too sweet - which warns me.

Enjoy the rest of 2018 - maybe my brain will come back in 2019.


There were good-looking mangos at the store so I brought some home and just concocted a batch of hot mango chutney. Used greenhouse tomatoes that were ripened in a paper bag, for acidity so I didn’t need so much vinegar. They also deepen the colour.

Mum doesn’t like things too hot so rather than using the hot pepper flakes the recipe called for I used ancho chile powder: flavourful but not screamingly hot.


Had dashi (a broth of kelp, mushrooms, and soy sauce) left over from making okonomiyaki (savory griddle cakes) so I poached salmon in it, with minced ginger, different mushrooms, and chopped scallions.


Poaching the salmon:

Served with rice and a ladle of broth:

Very simple and very good. I’ll definitely cook it again.


Looks delicious. We finally finished the ham and got to test out the air fryer last night. Had some chips/fries. Not bad.


I’ve seen adverts for air fryers, but never eaten any air-fried food. Do you spray it with oil before cooking?


Yes = spray or toss. Apparently you’re getting about 80% less of the oil by cooking this way. While the taste is only decent, it does mean that someone who has a problem digesting lots of oil can now eat fries again. Some people bake cakes in them because they are like forced air convection ovens, but I’d imagine the flavor isn’t as good.


I’ve been boiling cubed potatoes 'til nearly done. Let them cool, then toss them in a bowl with some olive oil and kosher salt, and pop 'em in the toaster oven. Gives them a crisp crust and a tender inside.

Mum requested hot dogs (special beef franks from the local butchery) for New Year’s Eve, so I made alt coleslaw, then fired up the grill and cooked them at -10°F. It’s now -13°F/-25°C. It’s been snowing lightly all day, not a frontal storm but rather the last traces of water vapour condensing with altitude, in tiny crystals of ice.

Took Kapa for a walk, in his Christmas jacket.

He ran like a madman, back and forth, then abandoned me on the way home: too cold for the poor beast.


Happy New Year all.


And I thought my brother-in-law was dedicated for barbecuing his turkey every Christmas. Your dedication to the coals wins!


I had barbecued once - it was wonderful.


I love doing popcorn like this once popped. When I was in France they always friend cubed potatoes in olive oil with garlic. Really tasty.

That dog jacket is gorgeous.

My brother is rehabbing the house he just bought and has installed a dedicated gas line to the back garden for the BBQ.


Hmmm… Strange times:

From a windchill of -37C on New Year’s Eve to:
Periods of light snow -18°C*
Wed 2 Jan
-9°C 30% Chance of light snow
-8°C 60% Chance of flurries
1°C Sunny
-3°C Clear

Fri 4 Jan
4°C Sunny


Kapa has a slick coat: not much insulation. His feet get cold, too, but he won’t stand for boots. He just hops along on three legs with a pitiful look on his face.

Never cooked on a gas grill- I use charcoal. I smoke-cooked a turkey in a Weber Kettle grill, over cherry and apple. Complex smoke-flavoured crust and very moist inside.

Mum didn’t care for the smoky tang. I ended up vacuum packing and freezing most of it.