Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



More for you, and it should freeze beautifully. Hope you have extra sauce. Should be delicious.


Where are you?


The greenhouse thermometer at dawn (inside, top; outside, bottom)—

Pretty still air, so not much windchill.


The talk from the Met Office here is about another ‘Beast from the East’. I have my doubts about that. So far it has been incredibly mild here (about 5C/41F for you non-metric types) and wet. The cold weather doesn’t tend to hit until the end of January/start of February.

Besides, where I am is in a ‘weather shadow’. The Peak District shelters us form weather from the north and west, while weather from the south and east gets spilt and avoids us. Other places can be inches deep in snow, while we are perfectly clear.


Winterpeg, Manitoba Canada (Actually it’s Winnipeg)


dam, looking at some of these responses, im glad it never really gets below 75 here. if that


lol - I’m originally from near Cleveland Ohio, so I’ve heard of Winterpeg. You’re so far north that Cleveland is the sunny south and Kentucky is more like Kingslanding.

We’re soggy here in Kentucky. Wettest year on record. I wish it would freeze. I can’t get big bales hay to my livestock the ground is too wet. The barn is damp and awful and I can’t get my stalls cleaned. Very disheartening, I’m used to dry falls and dry winters where I can go putter in the barn. The geese are laying for some strange reason, and I’m slogging in the mud to find their eggs. The hens AREN’T laying and we had to buy eggs from the store. (Store eggs are tasteless!)

So we’ve got two Northerners and a North-westerner (love the greenhouse.)

Are those strawberries? @EmmaKatSpector I don’t know if I’d trade places with you even for Strawberries. I’ve been to Big Sky country once, it was stunning in it’s beauty. But that was July.


Looks delicious


Those are indeed strawberries, an heirloom variety called Fort Laramie. The berries taste wonderful, but are smaller and fewer than on most modern hybrids. After my grandmother died, when we went to clear out the ranchhouse, I dug up some plants and potted them. They’ve lived on windowsills and in boxes and beds at my various places ever since. In spring, they put out runners which I set in small pots and then after they’ve rooted, clip. I tried them outdoors– they grew like mad but didn’t produce berries. So I do them in hanging pots.

In winter I pick a handful every 2-3 days. I saved some in the freezer and just made jam– lovely stuff!


I’ve heard of Fort Laramie strawberries. I’ll bet they make great jam.

I just made a deal with a fence contractor to cross fence our property so I can put in a big garden. I want strawberries! My little beds of them get eaten by burrowing critters, I have better luck putting them in pots too.


It dared to be down to 30°F here this morning! The day will warm up to 48°. You’d think we weren’t in California.

I’m going swimming in the indoor pool - the therapy one - so I can stretch my joints and do low-gravity exercises. The world keeps turning, but I need to get clean before writing. Then I hope to heck 2019 is good for writing.


That pool sounds like the ticket. Hope it did the trick.

I’ve only got a wee bathtub, but I take immoderate pleasure therein. A nice, hot soak drives away the winter blues.


We had some chilly colder-than-normal temps here in Vegas, too. A cold front sweeping through, for sure.

I have a feeling 2019 will be a very good year for writing! Cheers to that.


Vegas? I set a story there, about a kid who works nights at a gas station. A family friend told us several tales about growing up there, and I asked if I could base short stories on them.

I used to hit Red Rock Canyon in November, for the sandstone climbing. We’d stop at a bargain buffet first, to load calories, then hike in and camp in Pine Creek Canyon, where most of the longer routes are, for a week or ten days.

After that, we’d spend a couple weeks at Joshua Tree, then head north for the start of the ski season. It was great while it lasted.


Good story in Vegas.


I am so happy the Pub still exists


That sounds like a beautiful tour of the West. Red Rock is a treasure and Joshua Tree is amazing, too.

Vegas is an interesting place to set stories. It’s such a strange city, unlike any other.


Agree with you. The Pub is a place, a sanctuary where we can be ourselves.


Has this thread been terminated or moved? No activity in 5 days is highly unusual.


Hmm - your right. That’s odd. There’s another thread like this one. Maybe we can have our own discussion.