Anyone over 35 there? Third edition



I thought it was just because people had been going back to work. It does take a while for the brain to switch gears. Other long-running threads I watch have been quiet as well.


Real life does get in the way of the other stuff.


Does it ever. I now effectively only have half an hour in the morning and about the same at night to catch up on internet things.


Where is that? I only know about this one.


This thread, Alicia- :slight_smile:



We’ve been busy, and Emma is the one who keeps things interesting with her rural life. :slight_smile:


What’s the best or loveliest thing that’s happened to you guys in the last week? We got a pay raise and the boy-man starting a new career/job in drafting. They’ll even train him. And DD (dear daughter) got a great Facebook ad campaign gig with the guy we do work for too. Blessings all around.


Congratulations on so many blessings. 'Tis a season of happiness… :slight_smile:


Going back to the café where I have breakfast on a Saturday morning, and having the staff nod at me and ask, “Your usual?”

It’s nice to be somewhere that the people know you and what you want. The café is a nice haven of calm, although they did recently get a big-screen tv installed on one wall. Fortunately the sound is kept down, and it’s too far away to be distracting to short-sighted me.


I got a super lovely review on a British website. It put a skip in my step and really made me feel I was on the right track with my writing.

Also? Can I brag about my biggest accomplishment of the year so far? I made my first holiday fruitcake and we ate it on New Years day and it was sooooooo good. Perhaps I’ll make it an annual tradition. Even the people who hate fruitcake liked it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are people who hate fruitcake?

Brave new world, that has such people in’t.


Hating fruitcake in America is a Christmas tradition


Did you ever make a Tiffin loaf - like fruitcake but mixed with graham crackers and chocolate chips.


I don’t think most readers realize what a good review can do for our spirit.


Kind of like the community described in Hallmark romances. :slight_smile:


No, a very traditional, but booze-free, America-style fruitcake. Because no booze, I could only ripen it for a few weeks, but it was ripe enough.


Sold my first ever paperback of Swallow the Moon this morning. Books been out since 2011 but this was the first paperback to sell. Been having a run on Mazie’s Diner from the city where it takes place.

The bad news is that my border collie pup got kicked in the head by my hunter today. He nailed the silly pup when she bit his heel. He’s going to be 32 in April, he’s getting cranky.


They’re obviously not eating the right fruitcake.


I live in a small town - maybe 50,000 inhabitants. Legally we’re a city, but that is just a scam. It is one of the Jubilee cities, given its charter in the Dilbert Jubilee of 1977. The café is in the cathedral quarter, and is on my regular Saturday shopping route. Every Saturday (when I’m not elsewhere) I go there for porridge, toast and marmalade. In ten years the place had had two revamps and changed hands at least four times! I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’m part of the fixtures. At least until they change it into a gin bar